Business Idea: Bihar government is giving money to start this business, apply like this


Business Ideas It is the dream of most people to do their own business. But, due to lack of money, many people are unable to start their own business. If you have also kept this dream and have not been able to start it due to lack of money, then do not worry. This news is for you. Actually, with the help of the government, you can make your dream come true. Bihar government is giving up to 70% subsidy for fish farming. That is, you can start your own fish farming business with government help and earn a lot.

Government of Bihar is giving subsidy up to 70% for fish farming in hatchery along with machinery for fish farming in pond. Fish farming is a profitable business. You can earn good profit from this. Fish is an excellent source of protein and vitamins. That’s why people mainly use it for food. Due to the government’s focus on fish farming, it is a profitable business.

Getting 70 percent subsidy

Bihar government is offering bumper subsidy to those doing fish farming business under ‘Reservoir Fisheries Development Scheme’. On behalf of the Animal and Fisheries Resources Department of the Government of Bihar, 70% subsidy of the unit cost is being given to the beneficiaries of all classes. The remaining amount will have to be borne by the beneficiary through bank loan or himself. The cost of fish fingerling harvesting (in hectare) unit has been fixed at Rs 60,000 per hectare by the government. At the same time, Rs 3 lakh per cage has been fixed for making cage in the reservoir and Rs 10.50 lakh per pen has been fixed for making pens in the reservoir. 70% subsidy will be given to all the beneficiaries on this.

apply here

You can apply online under the Reservoir Fisheries Development Scheme of Bihar Animal and Fisheries Resources Department. Applicants can apply online by visiting The last date for online application is till 31.07.2023.


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