Weather Today Update: Mercury will increase further in Bihar, according to the constellations, know when it will rain in Bihar…


Bihar weather news Troubled by the scorching heat, people have now started pleading with God to get rid of it. Apart from meteorologists, if we trust planetary constellations, then after June 20, there may be heavy rains in Bihar. According to Pandit Sanjit Kumar Mishra, good signs of the arrival of monsoon will be visible as soon as the Shukla Paksha starts. From around June 20, a strong planetary combination of good rain is being formed. Sanjit Mishra says that the upcoming Venus-Mars conjunction from 6th to 12th July will bring good rain. Overall, there is a possibility of good rains in Bihar in July, August and September.

According to Indian astrology, there is a possibility of 83 percent rain between the months of June and September. The farmers cultivating paddy will continue to get enough water from this rain. The condition of the scorching summer is eagerly waiting for the monsoon. Here, meteorologists have shared complete information about monsoon, but today we are going to give you complete information about monsoon not on the basis of scientific approach but on the basis of planetary constellations. As soon as the Shukla Paksha starts, good signs of the arrival of monsoon will start appearing.


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