Jharkhand: Mahadev Oraon was beaten up at Bandhu Tirkey’s Ranchi residence! Adivasi Golband, blown effigy


Chanho (Ranchi): The case of beating of Choreya resident Mahadev Oraon on June 10 at Jharkhand former minister Bandhu Tirkey’s residence in Ranchi has caught fire. After this incident, the people of Adivasi Padha Samiti are agitated against Bandhu Tirkey. After taking out a procession in Bedo on Wednesday, the committee took out a procession in Chanho on Thursday and burnt the effigy of Bandhu Tirkey. Slogans were raised against brothers Tirkey.

Brother Tirkey accused of assaulting Mahadev Oraon

It is alleged that Bandhu Tirkey had called Mahadev Oraon, a resident of Choreya, to his residence and had abused and thrashed him over something related to the welfare department’s scheme. After this incident, the people of the tribal society have opened a front against Bandhu Tirkey. Before burning the effigy in Chanho, a procession was taken out from the block headquarters. Hundreds of people shouting slogans against Bandhu Tirkey reached Thana Chowk, then burnt the effigy. Sunil Oraon of Padha Committee, Vikas Oraon, Mahavir Oraon, Rajneesh Oraon, Vishnu Oraon, Shashi Oraon, Aganu Oraon, Shiva Oraon, Virendra Oraon, Adivasi Mahasabha’s Narayan Oraon, Raju Oraon, Ranjit Oraon, Shankar Oraon, Karma Oraon, Sumesh Oraon, Manoj Oraon, Ramsundar Oraon, Dilip Oraon and others were present.

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i didn’t fight anyone

Former Mandar MLA Bandhu Tirkey said that these are middlemen. In the name of welfare department’s schemes, these people were collecting Rs one to two lakh in the area. Tribals were being cheated in the name of getting tempo, tractor, winger. They were looting the schemes of Masna Sarna Sthal of the Welfare Department. These people are the people running the chit fund company. I didn’t fight with anyone. Just called and explained.

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