Cyclone Biporjoy: Monsoon stopped in Purnia, scorching heat wreaking havoc, know what meteorologists say


Purnia. Monsoon movement has stopped in Purnia with the knocking of Biparjoy cyclone which started from Arabian Sea in Gujarat. According to meteorologists, due to this cyclone, the monsoon is not getting current, due to which the monsoon is not being fully active. This is the reason why its effect is now visible in Purnia as well. People have been facing scorching heat since Wednesday after it rained in the night of the last two days, while the farmers have started feeling cheated. On Thursday, the maximum temperature of the weather in Purnia was recorded at 39.9 and the minimum temperature was 27.1 degree Celsius.

Monsoon had knocked on June 12

It is worth noting that this year in Purnea, passing through West Bengal, the monsoon had arrived on June 12, ahead of the prescribed standard, and it rained for two consecutive nights, which not only relieved the scorching heat, but also gave hope for better farming. Was awake But, suddenly the speed of monsoon got braked. On Wednesday, June 14, the sun’s attitude was very strong, but there was relief from the east wind, but on Thursday, June 15, instead of rain, fire kept raining from the sky above and the hot winds below kept scorching the body.

Monsoon settled

According to meteorologists, due to Biparjoy storm, the monsoon has stabilized for the time being. On the other hand, as soon as the monsoon hit, paddy has once again been eclipsed, due to which the lips of the farmers have started drying. This year the monsoon arrived earlier and it rained as well, due to which the farmers felt that the monsoon would support them. In the fields that were ready, many farmers also dropped the seedlings, but after the third day i.e. 14th June, the monsoon turned away. On the one hand, if the rain has subsided, on the other hand, the sun’s attitude is also very hot, due to which there is a possibility of the moisture of the fields disappearing. The farmers have lost sleep thinking that the capital invested in the scrips will sink and there will be a crisis of capital for the next crop.

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what do meteorologists say

Due to lack of rain in Purnia, the effect of Biparjoy storm is being seen. Monsoon rains have been affected due to the storm. Because of which there has been no rain in the district for the last two days. Due to lack of rain, the heat has increased. Monsoon rain is expected after the next 48 hours. Although the IMD has issued a yellow alert for rain from June 18. This time there is a possibility of less rain than normal. -SK Suman, Incharge Meteorological Center Purnia

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