Ahmedabad: Know what meteorologist Ambalal Patel said about the monsoon after the storm


Cyclone Biporjoy hit Gujarat and we saw scenes of devastation in several districts, with several trees uprooted. Many homes were blown off their roofs, several sheds were damaged, and entire windmills were also seen blown away. However, no casualty has been reported due to the advance planning and preparedness of the state government. After this storm in Gujarat, the farmers have become worried about the monsoon.

Whether or not the monsoon will be affected by the storms. The Meteorological Department had also forecast extension or delayed withdrawal of monsoon. Although meteorologist Ambalal Patel claims that this storm will not have any effect on the monsoon. Monsoon will knock in Gujarat from 17 to 20 June and it will start raining. According to Ambalal Patel, from June 21, the monsoon will officially freeze in the state.

Cyclonic rains not good for crops: Ambalal Patel

Ambalal Patel has further told that the current rains during the cyclone are not good for the crops. Ambalal Patel has urged for sowing in the next Nakshatra. At the same time, the Meteorological Department also says that this storm will not have any effect on the monsoon. The intensity of cyclonic storm Biparjoy has reduced for the time being. Monsoon has been delayed in Kerala due to the impact of the first cyclone. Normally monsoon starts in Kerala from 1st June, but this year due to the cyclone, the monsoon has been active after 8th June. Gujarat was also expected to have a cyclonic effect on the monsoon, although the Meteorological Department clarified that the monsoon system has separated from the overall cyclonic system. Due to which there will be no effect on monsoon in Gujarat.


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