Surat: Injustice to tribal women of Tapi district by Sumul


Women have taken a stand when Sumul suddenly demoted 22 tribal women of Tapi district, who performed well in the Women’s Savings Group Scheme, to supervisors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi organized a savings group scheme for the development of women in the country and to make women self-reliant. About 6000 savings group schemes were formed in Surat Tapi district and one lakh women saved Rs 100 per month to save Rs 1 crore. Appointed as resource person for this operation in Tapi district. In view of the good performance of women, an examination was conducted by Sumul, in which 22 tribal women of Tapi district were made supervisors in 2019 and were paid salary from Sumul itself.

Meanwhile, it was decided to recruit other women in the savings group. After this, after sacking the last 22 women from supervisors and making them resource persons again, these women have taken the lead. All of them, including woman Nitaben Gamit, have complained to the state registrar of cooperatives that they have been victims of the struggle between the old president and the new president.

No resolution has been passed by the Sumul Board regarding our dismissal. As per the bye-laws of Sumul Dairy, the Managing Director or the Managing Director-in-Charge has no power to dismiss the employee. There is no resolution in this regard even in the Sumool Board. This order is being said to be illegal.

Sumul also did injustice to BJP MLA’s wife

22 tribal women of Tapi district have been demoted (dismissed) from supervisors by Sumul. It also has the wife of a former BJP MLA. Those who have been demoted from supervisor to resource person. The complaint lodged also has the signature of the former MLA’s wife. However, information about this matter could not be obtained from the MLA.

Half of the six thousand savings group reduced today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Bachat Juth Yojana with the aim of making women self-reliant. 6,000 Bachat Juth scheme was being used by tribal women of Tapi district and a woman was saving Rs 100 a month. One crore was saved every month. Savings have also decreased because the savings group has reduced to half 3 thousand today. For this, women blame the politics of Sumul.


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