bhagalpur weather heat increased due to strong sunlight after rain storm yyy


A state in Eastern India: After the late evening thunderstorm and rain in Bhagalpur city, the heat increased due to strong sunlight on Wednesday. People were troubled by the heat and humidity. According to meteorologists, the amount of moisture in the atmosphere has increased after the rains. In the hot sun the moisture is turning into hot vapor. Because of this, apart from sunlight, people are getting more heat due to hot steam. The maximum temperature of the district was recorded at 38.6 degree and the minimum temperature was 21.5 degree on Wednesday. Despite this, people felt heat like 45 degrees. Here on Tuesday evening it rained 15 mm. Due to this, the humidity of the east wind blowing in East Bihar, Kosi and Seemanchal including Bhagalpur is around 80 percent. The rear air remains very dry, which causes heatwave and heat stroke.


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