Surat: Youth dies due to electrocution in Althan party plot


A 35-year-old man died due to electrocution in a party plot in Surat’s Althan area. The young man got electrocuted after touching the electric pole in the party plot. Significantly, the father of two children has lost his shadow due to the death of the young man.

He was running an ice cream parlor for 10 years

Originally, 35-year-old Shravan Ram, a resident of Rajasthan and Althan region, lived with his family. He was running an ice cream parlor for the last 10 years at DB Party Plot in Althan itself. Meanwhile, the young man got electrocuted when his hand touched the electric pole in the party plot. That’s why the young man was shifted to the civil hospital.

mourning in the family

The young man was taken to the Civil Hospital where the doctor on duty declared him brought dead and there was an atmosphere of mourning in the family. After informing the police about the incident, he reached the civil hospital and took the statement of the family members. Also, the dead body of the youth was shifted for postmortem.

Two children lost their father’s shadow

The deceased Shravan Ram was living in Surat for many years. He used to run an ice cream parlor to support the family. However, mourning has spread in the family due to such untimely death. On the other hand, due to the death of Shravan, the shadow of the father has been snatched from the heads of the two children.


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