Kanpur Metro: 750 meter long tunnel prepared by Nana TBM in 3 months, upline tunnel built till Naveen Market


Kanpur. Under Kanpur Metro Rail Project, ‘Nana’ Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) achieved its second breakthrough today in about 4 km.long underground section between Chunniganj-Nayaganj.About 750 meters up-line from Chunniganj to Naveen Market on Wednesday Completing the construction of the tunnel, Nana TBM reached Naveen Market. Due to the efficient execution of the team of UPMRC, this work has been completed in just 3 months.

Upline tunnel ready from Chunniganj to Naveen Market

Let us tell you that Nana TBM was launched on March 12 from the launching shaft built at Chunniganj Metro Station. In 3 months, Nana TBM completed the work of installing 523 rings and reached Naveen Market by preparing the up-line tunnel. Now this The TBM will be dragged from the platform level of Naveen Market Metro Station i.e. inside the under-construction underground station from one end to the other and then launched to build a tunnel towards Bada Chauraha Metro Station. ‘Tatya’ TBM is working to prepare downline tunnel between Naveen Market. This TBM has so far installed 323 rings out of 520.

construction work will be done on time

Congratulating the UPMRC team on the breakthrough, Managing Director Sushil Kumar said that the speed of tunnel construction under Kanpur Metro is commendable. By constructing the up-line tunnel from Chunniganj to Naveen Market in just 3 months, the UPMRC team has achieved its feat. Commitment is proven. We are confident that this pace of construction works on the entire Corridor-I of Kanpur Metro will continue further and the construction works will be completed on time. Under Corridor-I of Kanpur Metro, apart from the Chunniganj-Nayaganj underground section, transport from Kanpur Central The construction of underground section till Nagar and elevated metro section from Baradevi to Naubasta is also going on at a fast pace.


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