Jharkhand: Rajo Sankranti begins in Kolhan from today, agricultural work will not be done for 3 days


Seraikela-Kharsawan, Shachindra Kumar Dash: The Rajo festival of Odia community is going to start from Wednesday in Kolhan including Seraikela-Kharsawan. Dakila Gajo, Barsaku thore asichi rajo, asichi rajo lo gheni nua sajo bajo… folk songs are resounding in the entire Kolhan regarding this. According to Odia Panchang, the first important festival of the year is Rajatsala Sankranti. Which is known as Rajo Sankranti. This folk festival is celebrated for two or three days at some places. This festival is purely dedicated to women. There is a years old tradition of women swinging in this festival. This tradition is still prevalent in Odia dominated villages of Seraikela-Kharsawan district. There is a tradition of making swings by tying ropes in trees and decorating the swings with different types of flowers.

Women swing on swings by singing Rajo songs

Women collectively sing Rajo songs while swinging on the swing on Rajo festival. This includes Pachila Incho Kali, Bekore Naichi Gajra Mali, Gajra Mali Lo Jhulao Rajo Ra Doli…, Doli Hue Rat Rat, Mo Bhai Mundre Suna Mukuto…etc.

tradition of eating paan on rajo festival

Many types of dishes are prepared in homes on the occasion of Rajo festival. In this, rice is first made into powder by pounding it with a dhenki. After this, different types of pitha are prepared from this rice powder. Along with offering Prasad to the pitha, people eat it with great enthusiasm. At the same time, there is also a tradition of eating paan during Rajo Sankranti.

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Agricultural works are not done for three days

The people of Odia community celebrate this festival to welcome the monsoon on the arrival of Ashadh month. According to religious beliefs, the development of Mother Earth takes place during the festival of Rajo. According to legend, Mother Earth rests on Rajotsala Sankranti. No agricultural work is done during this time. Mother Earth is worshiped after the Rajo festival, so that there is good crop yield in the fields. Neither plow nor digging is done on the ground for two days of the festival.

Fair and Chhau dance will be organized in Kharsawan

Chhau dance and fair will also be organized in more than half a dozen villages including Dehridih, Rampur, Deuli, Kashipur, Gitilota, Kuchai’s Maranghatu and Jugidih on Rajotsala Sankranti in Kharsawan-Saraikela.

what do women say

Mansi Nayak of Kharsawan says that Rajo festival is eagerly awaited for a whole year. During the Rajo festival two days are spent in fun. On the other hand, Anjali Kumari of Seraikela says that there is a tradition of women swinging during Rajo festival. During this, women collectively sing Rajo songs.

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Changes in the nature of Rajo festival over time

Sukanti Behera of Kharsawan says that along with time, there has been a change in the form of Rajo festival. In the present time, the trend of traditional swing made of wood has started decreasing. At the same time, Manoj Gop says that farmers belonging to Odia community do not do any kind of agricultural work during Rajo festival.


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