High demand for travel and 4 ways to enjoy trips


The Eid al-Adha holiday begins on Wednesday 28 June, which means that many residents of Qatar, both citizens and residents, may be enjoying a six-day summer weekend. Skyscanner, the global travel company, indicates in a study that travelers from Qatar are keen to extend their annual vacations to the maximum extent during this holiday period, as nearly half of travelers (45%) plan trips that last from one to two weeks, followed by 28%. They are looking for trips from two weeks to a month.

Top 10 countries:
10 countries topped the search in the State of Qatar for the Eid al-Adha holiday:
1. India
2. United Kingdom
3. Philippines
4. Türkiye
5. Thailand
6. USA
7. The “All Locations” option.
(To indicate that travelers do not yet know where to go and are looking for inspiration and/or are interested in price; this option provides travelers with the opportunity to learn about inspiring new or better-priced destinations, and helps them decide their next destination.
8. Egypt
9. Sri Lanka
10. United Arab Emirates
As for the top 10 cities that topped the search through “Skyscanner”: they are
1. London
2. Kochi
3. Manila
4. Istanbul
5. Bangkok
6. Colombo
7. New Delhi
8. Tunisia, Carthage
9. Dubai
10. Cairo

Travel tips
Ayoub Al-Mamoun, a travel expert at Skyscanner, says: “During crowded periods such as Eid or summer, the price of the trip may not differ or increase much, even if the travel date is during crowded times such as the Eid holiday or summer vacation, which are usually more expensive, i.e. They can still explore new destinations at competitive prices when searching for flights and comparing their prices using specialized sites such as Skyscanner.
On the other hand, Ayoub Al-Mamoon, travel expert at Skyscanner, reviewed 4 ways to enjoy a group travel trip during the official holiday of Eid Al-Adha:
1. Use a calendar app to set travel dates:
“Using the digital calendar app allows sharing plans and aspirations that can become reality, so it is recommended to add some goals to the calendar, such as the desire for group travel, in order to motivate you to travel with friends and family and turn your dream into reality during the upcoming official holiday.”
2. Expand your search for your destination:
“If you decide to travel to the United Kingdom, you may find that traveling to London Gatwick is cheaper than London Heathrow, so it is usually advised to type the country name in the destination search box in order to enjoy the best deals and options available for travel.”
3. Share a suitcase:
“The ticket for low-priced flights most of the time includes hand luggage only, so friends or family members are advised to share the expenses of adding another full bag of 23 kilograms in weight to enjoy the travel trip.”
4. Use digital applications to track shared financial costs:
“Joint payments can lead to many problems between friends during group trips. Therefore, it is preferable to invite everyone to download the budget application on their phones in order to record all private and joint expenses and payments.
Skyscanner is a leading global travel company, founded in 2003, with offices across the world including Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. The company is keen to enhance the experience of travelers booking their flights, as the company is a link between more than 100 million travelers in 52 countries speaking 30 languages ​​and more than 1,200 trusted travel partners.
The company seeks to help travelers get the best deals when booking flights, hotels or car rentals, based on historical data and by providing innovative travel tools. The company is also committed to restructuring the future of travel in cooperation with partners, so that current travelers and future generations can from exploring the world around them.
The company works to provide the best solutions for travel with high credibility, relying on modern technologies and by analyzing more than 80 billion prices per day, which enhances the experience of travelers by providing them with more than one choice in more than one place in the world and at the best prices.


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