emergency landing of indigo flight going from lucknow to mumbai in udaipur passengers create ruckus know what is the matter sbh


Lucknow to Mumbai IndiGo flight number 6E 2441 Emergency landing was done in Udaipur. According to the information revealed, the pilot tried to land the flight twice, but it could not be landed at the airport. Later that flight was diverted and sent to Udaipur. The matter got worse after the flight landed in Udaipur. The passengers present in the flight demanded to change the pilot and created a ruckus about it. Let us tell you that this flight of IndiGo had left from Lucknow airport at 11 am yesterday and it was going to land in Mumbai at 1.15 pm. According to the passengers, the pilot tried twice to land the flight at Mumbai airport, but he did not get success. At the same time, the airline told that due to bad weather the flight was diverted to Udaipur.


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