Bank cashier sitting at the door of the house shot dead in Gopalganj, police engaged in investigation


Gopalganj. The morale of criminals in Bihar is on the seventh sky. The criminals are carrying out murder and robbery incidents one after the other. The latest case is of Gopalganj. Here half a dozen criminals have shot dead a bank cashier. This incident of murder took place when the bank cashier was sitting at the door of his house. The incident is of Lahladpur under Manjha police station area. The police is investigating the case. So far no arrest has been reported in this case.

The cashier was sitting at the door of the house

Regarding the incident, it is said that the fearless criminals have shot State Bank cashier Ravindra Yadav. There was chaos on the spot during the firing incident. In a hurry, Ravindra Yadav was taken to Gopalganj Sadar Hospital for treatment, but he died before reaching the hospital. It is said that the criminals carried out this incident when Ravindra Yadav was sitting at the door outside his house.

no one arrested so far

According to the information, half a dozen criminals riding on two bikes have executed this incident of murder. There has been a stir in the area due to this incident. The relatives are demanding the arrest of the accused and saying that the culprits should be punished severely. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot and are investigating all the points of the incident. The police claim that the culprits will soon be behind bars. At present, the police is also busy in checking the CCTV installed in the area. Till the time of writing the news, neither the criminals have been identified nor has anyone been taken into custody.


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