Jharkhand: Preparation for Shravani fair in Deoghar is fast, speedy Darshanam system will be seen in new form


Deoghar, Sanjeev Mishra: The main source of income of Baba Mandir is from the amount received from offerings and Vikas Patra, and from the income from early darshanam coupons. Every day the temple is earning lakhs from the coupons. Full care is being taken that there is no possibility of any fraud in this income. Keeping in view the complaints being received under the present system, the whole system is being changed. Arrangement is being made to see the account of coupons with one click every day with time and date.

what will be the arrangement

Now the entire software is being changed to implement the new system. Only the employee issuing the coupon will recharge it. While issuing the coupons, the names of the devotees and their priests will also be mentioned along with the date. While issuing the coupon, a dispatch slip will also be given to the recipient. The coupon will be scanned as soon as you enter with the coupon. The complete details will be visible in the display installed there. It will also show the time, date of its release and the name of its priest.

You will be caught using old coupons

The Speedydarshanam Coupon will be valid only on the day it is issued. As soon as any devotee will put the coupon in the scanner to enter with the old coupon. The gate will not open at all. Also, it will be visible in full details in the display. This will make it easier to take action against the wrong coupon giver.

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Arrangements will be started before the fair

This arrangement will be made operational before the Shravani Mela. The system will be completely online. Top officials will be able to see all the issuing activities whenever they want. It will be fully connected to the net. After updating the system, trial will be taken for three to four days. As soon as the trial is successful, it will be fully implemented.

System is being updated: Dipankar Chowdhary

In this regard, Baba Mandir in-charge cum SDM Dipankar Chaudhary said that the system is being updated. Under the new system, the name of the issuer and the devotee and his priest will be mentioned along with the time and date, which will also be visible on the display. System is being updated. The trial will be started as soon as it is updated.


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