Jeeva Murder: Nepal SIM was active in the phone of shooter Vijay, Sanjeev Jeeva murder deal was done in Kathmandu


Lucknow. The mystery of the murder of notorious gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva is continuously getting confused with new facts. Now another new revelation has come to light that when shooter Vijay Yadav went to Kathmandu, Nepal in May, he was provided with a Nepal SIM card. This SIM was activated in Kathmandu and given to him. After inserting this SIM card in the mobile, shooter Vijay contacted Aslam’s accomplice. It was he who gave the revolver to shooter Vijay near the Kaiserbagh bus station. Nepal’s SIM has been found by the police in his mobile. The police had to struggle to get its call details. On the basis of IMEI number itself, it was found that apart from the SIM of Nepal, two numbers from here have also been used in this mobile.

Aslam had given him a betel nut worth 20 lakhs

On the other hand, a video of the confession of shooter Vijay Yadav, who gunned down notorious gangster Sanjeev Maheshwari alias Jeeva, has gone viral on social media on Monday. In this, he is heard claiming that he had met a person named Aslam in Kathmandu. Sanjeev has humiliated his brother Atif, who is lodged in Lucknow jail. To humiliate him, he pulled out his beard. It has to be avenged. It was Aslam who had given him a betel nut worth 20 lakhs. The deal of Sanjeev Jeeva murder took place in Kadmandu. How much truth is there in this claim that it will come to the fore only in further police investigation.

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Aslam’s man gave the weapon in Lucknow

Whatever the shooter Vijay has told the police during interrogation, the investigation process is getting more complicated. According to media reports, Vijay told during interrogation that after finalizing the deal with Aslam, he reached Lucknow via Bahraich. In Lucknow, one of Aslam’s men provided him a revolver. After this, he also got Sanjeev identified. Shooter Vijay was also given a photo of Sanjeev. So that there is no problem in identifying Sanjeev. Police is connecting link on the basis of statements. Vijay has clearly told the police that Aslam gave him a betel nut. However, there are many loopholes in the story of Vijay’s statements.



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