Five PLFI militants in Gumla sentenced to 10-10 years, fine of 50-50 thousand rupees will also have to be paid


ADJ-4 Anjani Anuj’s court has sentenced five PLFI militants to 10-10 years imprisonment for trying to kill the relatives of Vinita Oraon, a resident of Vrinda Nayaktoli of Gumla police station. Accused Ram Narayan Gop, Ram Kishun Gop, Ramesh Gop, Somnath Gop and Parmeshwar Gop have been sentenced to 10-10 years of imprisonment and a fine of 50-50 thousand rupees under section 307/149. Failure to pay the fine may result in additional imprisonment of one year. In this case, Additional Public Prosecutor Mo Javed Hussain presented arguments on behalf of the government side.

The testimony of eight witnesses has been made in the case. The incident is of May 5, 2020. The next day of the incident, Vinita Oraon lodged an FIR at Gumla police station. It was said in the registered FIR that Vinita Oraon was preparing to sleep at home after having dinner with her children. The same night at 8:30 some people came near his house, kicked at the door and started abusing and saying open the door, today they will finish you people. After this, Vinita recognized his voice as that of Basant Gop, who lives next to her village.

After this, fearing to save the lives of her children, she switched off the lights and hid beside the main door of the house holding an ax in her hand. They again started kicking at the door and started firing at the door. After the firing stopped, Basant Gop said that God you break the door. After this, as soon as the door was broken, one fired inside the house with the intention of killing. As soon as a person entered my house, Vinita attacked him with an ax with the intention of saving the lives of her family. After this the person fell on his back, which was carried by his companion on his shoulder. The next day Basant Gop’s dead body was found in the Vrinda forest.


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