Tamil Nadu: Army jawan alleges his wife was assaulted by 120 goons, stripped, video viral


Tamil Nadu A big news is coming out. Some people allegedly assaulted the wife of an Indian Army soldier posted in Kashmir. Regarding this, a video is also going viral on social media, in which some people are seen beating a woman in Tiruvannamalai. The woman has been admitted to the hospital in an injured condition. It is being told that the woman is the wife of an Indian Army soldier posted in Kashmir. This has been confirmed by the army personnel themselves. He released a video and appealed to the Tamil Nadu government for help.

Army jawan accused of assaulting his wife

The Indian Army jawan posted in Kashmir released the video and alleged that 120 goons assaulted his wife and stripped her clothes. The army man can also be heard saying in the video that all the goods of his wife’s shop were also thrown away by the miscreants. The jawan has also pleaded for help.

"More than 40 people attacked me. They verbally abused me with obscene language. They touched me inappropriately. They are not allowing our family to live. They are threatening me," says wife of the Army jawan in Vellore, Tamil Nadu In a viral video, an Army jawan’s wife was… pic.twitter.com/TD4pzssWEZ

— ANI (@ANI) June 11, 2023

The statement of the victim also came out

Tamil Nadu In Vellore, the wife of an army jawan has also given a statement. He said, I was attacked by more than 40 people. He also abused me in indecent language. He touched me inappropriately. They are not letting our family live. they are threatening me

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— Lt Col N Thiagarajan Veteran (@NTR_NationFirst) June 10, 2023

Police said, the issue was exaggerated

The statement of the police has also come to the fore on the incident of alleged assault with the wife of an army jawan. On the Tiruvannamalai viral video, SP Karthikeyan said, it was a dispute over the leased shop on the land owned by the Renugambal temple. The woman named Kirti was not attacked at all. Kirti and her mother were at the spot yesterday at the time of the incident. This issue has been exaggerated. A detailed investigation into the issue is underway and a case has been registered, he said.


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