PLFI area commander Alok Yadav arrested, threatened to kill businessman for not giving Rs 50,000


Ranchi. Jharkhand’s Ranchi Police got a big success on Sunday. Chanho police station has arrested Alok Yadav alias Chandrashekhar Yadav, area commander of the banned extremist organization People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI). He is originally a resident of Balumath in Latehar. Lives in Murgi village of Budhmu in Ranchi. It had demanded a levy of Rs 50,000 from the brick kiln operator Sanjay Kumar Gupta, threatening to kill him for not giving it. Rural SP Naushad Alam gave this information in a press conference on Sunday.

Naxalite Alok Yadav lives in Ranchi only.

Rural SP Naushad Alam told a press conference on Sunday that Ranchi’s Chanho police arrested PLFI area commander Alok Yadav and recovered Naxalite leaflets, two mobiles and a bike from him. Naxalite Alok is a resident of Latehar, but lives in Ranchi only.

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Levi was asked for 50 thousand

Rural SP Naushad Alam said that on April 14, brick kiln operator Sanjay Kumar Gupta had complained to the police station that a levy of fifty thousand was being sought by calling in the name of the area commander of PLFI. Threats have been given to kill and blow up the brick kiln if the money is not paid. The arrested militant has accepted his involvement in the incident.

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