Due to short circuit in Bihar Sampark Kranti train, suddenly smoke started coming out, there was chaos


There was chaos in the Bihar Sampark Kranti train in Chhapra when smoke started coming out of the train due to short circuit. When the passengers in the train informed the driver about this, the train was stopped by applying emergency brakes. And in a few minutes the entire train got empty. The system was rectified with the help of technical officers.

When smoke started coming out of short circuit, there was chaos.

In the Bihar Sampark Kranti going from Darbhanga to New Delhi, smoke started coming out from the short circuit, due to which there was chaos in the whole train. The passengers informed the driver and the driver stopped the train by applying emergency brakes. As soon as the train stopped, the entire train got empty within a few minutes. However, there was no casualty in the incident. RPF officials with the help of technical officers brought the situation under control and put the system in order.

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In connection with the incident, it is said that due to short circuit in coach number S4 of train number 12565 Bihar Sampark Kranti running from Darbhanga to New Delhi between Kopa Samhota and Daudpur on Chhapra-Siwan railway line on Sunday, there was smoke in the said coach. Started coming out Due to this there was chaos in the whole train. All the passengers started running here and there due to panic when the train stopped.

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The passengers were explained and extinguished by the RPF escort party and staff of the train. They were told that the fire broke out due to a short circuit. In this sequence, the operation of the train was interrupted for 15 minutes. The train was started when the situation became normal. When the officials were discussed about the short circuit, they told that a mouse had entered the electric panel due to which smoke started coming out and such a situation arose.


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