Baba’s bulldozer thundered on illegal occupations of Mafia Ajit Shahi of Gorakhpur, marriage house was built on Municipal Corporation land


Gorakhpur : In Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, once again a bulldozer has been fired at the mafia. Major action has been taken against the mafia Ajit Shahi who surrendered in the court. The Gorakhpur Municipal Corporation on Monday got bulldozers fired at houses, shops and godowns built by mafia Ajit Shahi with black money. In the previous governments, the Municipal Corporation land was illegally occupied by Mafia Ajit Shahi. He had built his shop and office on these lands.

occupation of municipal land

Mafia Ajit Shahi was running a marriage house on the valuable 31 decimal land of Municipal Corporation in Betiahata, located on Gorakhpur Phal Mandi Road. But, in order to continuously tighten the screws on Ajit Shahi, on Monday, in the presence of the police, the room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom built in the marriage house were demolished and razed to the ground. On the other hand, the administration has taken possession of the entire land by breaking the boundary wall. The value of the land freed from the mafia’s possession is said to be around Rs 14 crore.

Many cases are registered on Mafia Ajit Shahi

According to the information, more than 36 cases have been registered in Gorakhpur against Mafia Ajit Shahi, who is included in the top 10 list of Gorakhpur district, including serious cases like murder, Arms Act, gangster, intimidation and extortion. Along with this, a case was registered after threatening and demanding extortion by going to the Railway Cooperative Bank.

When the pressure of the police increased, the mafia surrendered in the court. But now it is the turn to open his crime history and calculate all his crimes and for this Gorakhpur police is also active. At present, the police is keeping an eye on the part of his encroached house. On the report of the police, the DM ordered the removal of the encroachment, after which the SP City Krishna Kumar Vishnoi and the Municipal Corporation team razed the encroachment.

Report – Kumar Pradeep, Gorakhpur



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