Lucknow University: Lucknow University will strengthen Alumni Association, alumni will gather on August 15


Lucknow University : The university is preparing to strengthen the relationship with its alumni and celebrate their achievements. This Alumni Meet will be organized on the occasion of upcoming Independence Day. During this, they will keep their views. Along with this, the current students will also be able to get their guidance. Over the years, the university has been strengthening the network with its alumni.

The effect of which has been that today the placement of the current students is being done by the former students. Funds are being sent on his behalf to the VC Care Fund. Apart from this, a new guest house has also been promised by the alumni. In today’s time, alumni are also guiding the current students of the university as a center. In view of which the Chairperson of the Alumni Association, Prof. Preparations have been started by Sudhir Mehrotra to celebrate the alumni conference on 15th August. Successful alumni will also be felicitated in this.

An official of Lucknow University said that the alumni have promised to provide funds to build a new guest house of the university with full dedication towards their alma mater. This generous initiative will strengthen the facilities of the University and provide a convenient place for the alumni visiting the University campus.

Alumni contributed significantly to VC Care Fund – Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Alok Kumar Rai said that the alumni of LU extended their support and help to the students who had lost their parents in the Covid-19 pandemic. His empathy and care for these students has further strengthened the bond of the alumni community with the University.

In addition, alumni have made significant contributions to the VC Care Fund, which provides financial assistance to students. The official effort of these contributions has made a positive impact on the academic journey and overall well-being of students, demonstrating the generosity and unity of the alumni network.

Alumni are examples for the present generation- Prof. Poonam Tandon

Prof. Poonam Tandon, Dean Students Welfare said that alumni are also playing an important role in the placement of current students. By leveraging professional acumen and connections, alumni are acting as mentors, guiding students on successful career paths and opening doors to exemplary opportunities. For this, arrangements are also being made for the organized contribution of alumni in the training and placement of students.

As an example for the present generation, the alumni of Lucknow University inspire and motivate through their achievements. Their success stories inspire students to dream big and achieve their goals.

Poonam Tandon further said that Lucknow University takes pride in its strong and active alumni network, which makes significant contributions to the institution and society. Many of the university’s departments have active alumni organizations, providing opportunities for collaboration and networking among all graduates.

Excitement and anticipation are rising in the alumni and current student community regarding the organization of this Alumni Meet. The event will be an opportunity for alumni to reconnect, network and forge new bonds. He further added that Lucknow University is committed to build relationships with its valued alumni to strengthen its distinguished alumni network.

The alumni meet will be a platform where shared experiences are celebrated, successes are recognized and foundations are laid to grow and collaborate. The preparations for this event are being done by Prof. Sudhir Mehrotra, Chairperson of the Alumni Association.



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