Gorakhpur: OPD of AIIMS running on juniors, patient suffering due to senior doctors going on summer vacation


Gorakhpur : Due to the departure of senior doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences Gorakhpur on summer vacation, the patients coming to OPD are facing problems. Junior doctors are giving consultation to the patients coming to AIIMS. Patients from many districts of Purvanchal, Bihar and Nepal come to Gorakhpur AIIMS for their treatment. Who are currently being consulted by junior doctors. Patients reach Gorakhpur AIIMS here by spending their fare in the hope of good treatment.

OPD looks full

The patients and their relatives coming to AIIMS say that the names of doctors going on summer vacation should be made public by the AIIMS administration. Due to this, the patients and their attendants who come for treatment in AIIMS do not have to wander. They say that when we reach the OPD for registration to see the patient, it is told that the OPD of the doctor to whom they have to see is full. This information is not told at the registration counter that the doctor has gone on leave. He says that when he goes to the OPD of another doctor, the medicine is changed, due to which he is in trouble.

45 doctors are on leave

Let us tell you that there is summer vacation in AIIMS from 15th May to 15th July. In which doctors go on leave for one month in different shifts. In Gorakhpur AIIMS, only 86 doctors have been posted against 183 sanctioned posts. In this also 45 doctors have gone on summer vacation. Most of those who are left have the job of teaching MBBS students. For this reason, those people do not sit in the OPD. The condition of OPD is that not even a single senior doctor is present. OPD is running only under the supervision of junior doctor.

AIIMS media in-charge Pankaj Srivastava told that doctors get summer vacation. 45 The doctor is on leave. If those doctors come back on June 15, then the remaining doctors will go. There is a problem of shortage of doctors. If recruitment is done on the remaining posts then this problem will go away. At present in Gorakhpur AIIMS there is more problem in OPD of Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Surgery, Bone, Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat Skin Disease Homeopathic etc.

Report – Kumar Pradeep, Gorakhpur

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N6BZLTT_4A)


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