After the Balasore train accident, the Kumbhkarni sleep of the Indian Railways, now every relay room will have a double lock


New Delhi : Hundreds of train accidents happen every year in India, but only one of these accidents happen; Which shakes the hearts of the people. Even on last Friday, the horrific accident of Coromandel Express train at Bahanaga Bazar railway station in Balasore district of Odisha has shaken the hearts of the people. This train accident is so big that leave aside the matter of India, the hearts of the people of many countries of the world including America were shaken and the heads of those countries expressed condolences. But, the sad aspect is also that the Kumbhakarni sleep of the Indian Railways opens only when there is a major train accident in the country. After the Balasore train accident, Kumbhakarni woke up from sleep, Indian Railways has announced that now double lock will be installed in every relay room.

Relay room controls the operation of the train

According to media reports, the Railway Board on Saturday ordered ‘double-locking’ of all relay rooms with train operational systems, relay huts housing signaling and telecommunication equipment at level-crossings and point and track circuit signals. Is. Let us tell that after the death of more than 280 people in the accident involving three trains on June 2 in Balasore, Odisha, several instructions have been issued for the railway zone.

Major train accident due to interference in signaling system

The Railway Board order indicated that “access to the relay room” caused “interference with the signaling system, causing the Coromandel Express to go into the loop line at Balasore and hit a stationary goods train”. Senior officials said there was enough evidence to show that the interlocking system had been tampered with, so now the mechanism has to be made ‘tamper-proof’.

The key of ‘single lock’ will be with the station master.

A Railway Board official told the media that this double locking will ensure that no one can reach these places without permission. The Railway Board order states that level crossing gates (gumti or cabins), signaling rooms and telecommunication equipment in station yards should be treated as relay huts and unless a ‘double-lock’ system is provided, Till then the key of the existing ‘Single Lock’ will remain with the Station Master.

Proforma will be ready to hand over the key of the lock

The Railway Board order also states that relevant entries regarding issue and deposit of keys by the station master should be maintained, just like in the railway station relay room. The order stated that the proforma for handing over or taking back the key by the Assistant Station Manager (ASM) on duty shall contain a column specifying whether the space for which the key was taken over by the maintenance staff shall be properly closed. Has been done and locked by the maintenance staff.

work in progress at the site

Board officials said that one aspect that has emerged from the preliminary investigation is that some work was going on near the accident site. He said that a disconnection memo (to close the interlocking system and start work) and a reconnection memo (reconnection of the system indicating the end of work) had been received by the station manager.

Balasore train accident children in shock: School being demolished, bodies of passengers were kept

technician bypassed the system

Railway Board officials said that the technician actually bypassed the system as the work was not completed and he manipulated the location box to get the ‘green signal’ for the Coromandel Express. This order of Railway Board thus lays down the proper disconnection-reconnection protocol, which is to be followed for signal maintenance, repair, alteration works. This is the third such order on signaling issued by the Railway Board since the accident.


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