Muslim youth adopted Sanatan Dharma, in-laws threatened to kill him, victim lodged FIR


A strange case has come to light in Kanpur. Here a Muslim youth got inclined towards Hinduism since childhood. He worships Sanatan Dharma from the very beginning. But after marriage, his wife and in-laws were so upset that his wife got angry and went to her maternal home. Now the in-laws are threatening her that she should stop following Hinduism and worshiping, otherwise they will kill her. On the other hand, the victim youth has filed a complaint against the in-laws by giving a written complaint to the police.

what is the whole matter

Actually the whole matter is of Babupurwa police station area. According to Junaid, a Muslim youth who lives near the Char Rath intersection here, when he was young, he had lost his vision in one eye, then his mother had taken him to the Shobhan Sarkar temple at Shivli in Kanpur Dehat.

There his eyes were cured by worship and offerings. Since then his faith became in Hinduism and since then Junaid and his mother started worshiping all the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. At the same time, Junaid wears saffron clothes and also goes to the temple and keeps the idol of Lord Ganesha with him.

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According to Junaid, he was married in 2019 to Afroz, a resident of a village near Bindki in Fatehpur district. It is alleged that since the marriage, the parents of the wife were continuously persuading her not to follow Hindu religion and stop worshiping. In-laws are torturing Junaid for not listening to them. Please tell that one brother of Junaid’s wife is abroad and the other brother lives in Fatehpur. Junaid said that the wife’s brother also electrocuted his mother and threatened to kill her.

Controversy increased between the two families

Please tell that when the dispute between the two families escalated, the victim’s youth lodged a complaint against the in-laws at the Babupurwa police station. On the other hand, regarding the whole matter, DCP South Shiva Ji Shukla says that such a case has come to the notice of the police. Police is investigating it. Further action will be taken on the basis of investigation…

Report: Ayush Tiwari


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