Mira Road Murder: The dead body was kept in three buckets, the police lost their sleep after seeing the scene!


The scene after the Mira Road massacre in Mumbai was so dangerous that the policemen lost their sleep. Many police personnel are not even able to eat food. accused Manoj Sane So mercilessly cut Saraswati Vaidya’s dead body into pieces that the policemen who arrived to investigate the murder are still in shock. Sane has been sent to police custody till June 16.

Used to regularly spray the flat to hide the foul smell of dead bodies

Let me tell you, Manoj Sane, who works at a ration shop, kept the cut pieces of Saraswati’s body in his flat on Mira Road. He used to spray the flat regularly to hide the foul smell of the dead body. The matter came to light when the neighbors informed the police about foul smell coming from the flat. Police investigation has revealed that Manoj Sane’s brutality was such that apart from boiling the pieces of Saraswati’s body in a cooker, he tried to hide the crime by roasting and grinding it in a mixer.

Sane said that Saraswati committed suicide by drinking poison

The accused told the police during interrogation that after dismembering Saraswati’s body, he wanted to kill himself as well. However, the accused is so clever that he is constantly confusing the police with his statements. Sane said that Saraswati committed suicide by drinking poison. He saw Saraswati dead in the drawing room. Foam was coming out of his mouth. He was only hiding his body by cutting it.

Carcasses were boiled and fed to the dogs as well.

When the police reached the flat, they were shocked. Here the police found pieces of the corpse in three buckets. These dead bodies belonged to Saraswati, who lived with Manoj Sane in the same flat, when Manoj was questioned, he revealed the shocking truth. The accused had cut the dead body into several pieces. To avoid bad smell from the dead body, grind the pieces in the mixer and boil them in the cooker. He had separated the bones, flesh and blood. It is being told that the accused boiled the dead bodies and fed them to the dogs as well.

Manoj and Saraswati were married

There was a new twist in this case on Friday. Police said that Manoj and Saraswati were married and they got married in the temple. Saraswati had also told about this marriage to her sisters. They were not live-in partners. At the same time, Sane told the police that he was HIV positive and had no physical relations with Saraswati. Police officials said that the accused has been claiming that he had planned to commit suicide after disposing of the body pieces.

Manoj Sane and Saraswati were in a live-in relationship for 7 years.

In Mumbai, accused Manoj Sane helped Saraswati get a job. Saraswati was finding it difficult to live in Mumbai, so Manoj gave her his house (flat) in Borivali to stay. Saraswati stayed in Manoj’s Borivali flat for some time, then both fell in love with each other and both decided to get married. They wanted to get married officially but they got married in a temple. After marriage, Saraswati also informed her sister about marriage in the temple. Accused Manoj Sane and Saraswati were living in Meera Road, Borivali for 7 years. Saraswati is originally from Aurangabad.

Mira Road Murder: A big thing came to the fore in the Mumbai murder case, accused Manoj Sane said- Saraswati Vaidya has already.. police


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