‘Hedgewar’ chapter to be removed from Karnataka’s school curriculum, Education Minister attacks BJP on the pretext of syllabus


Bengaluru : As soon as the Congress government was formed in Karnataka, changes have started in the rules and school curriculum implemented during the BJP regime. It is reported that the Siddaramaiah government of Karnataka is preparing to remove the chapter on Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) founder Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, which was included in the curriculum of schools during the BJP regime.

Education Minister targeted BJP

Attacking the BJP on the pretext of amendment in the school curriculum, Karnataka Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa said that it has never tried to understand the mentality of the children as their mind is full of filth. He accused the BJP of trying to change the entire education system in order to inculcate the filth that had settled in their minds. Our government is against their thinking. He said that we are not going to do anything that is not in the interest of the children.

#WATCH , Madhu Bangarappa, Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Karnataka speaks on State Govt’s proposal to revise school textbooks this year; says, "It is their(BJP) version because they have never understood children’s mentality and what they are supposed to give to… pic.twitter.com/nFJheJctcB

— ANI (@ANI) June 9, 2023

Center’s new education policy will not be implemented in Karnataka

Let us tell you that before the assembly elections held this year, the Congress in its election manifesto had announced to restore the changes made in the school textbooks during the BJP rule. Along with this, it had also said that if its government is formed in Karnataka, it will not implement the National Education Policy (NEP) formulated by the Modi government at the Centre.

Curriculum will be made simple and easy

According to the Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Karnataka, the school education curriculum of the state will be revised in such a way that the financial burden on the government will be reduced. According to Karnataka Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa, Karnataka’s school curriculum will be changed by professional educationists and experts in psychological education methodology, who are well aware of child nature. Instead of making the syllabus cumbersome, they are trying to make it easy and simple to understand.

Government does not interfere in curriculum change

Along with this, the Education Minister, while targeting the work done during the BJP’s tenure, said that it does not matter what the BJP says about the change in the syllabus after losing the election. The biggest question that arises is what he did during the last four years. However, Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa also made it clear that the government has no interference in the change of syllabus, rather this change is being done on the suggestion and advice of experts.


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