‘Go to Delhi and see for yourself the democracy of India’, America said this


Democracy of the center regarding Modi government Constantly on the target of the opposition. Meanwhile, the White House has said such a thing on the matter which is in favor of the Modi government. In fact, it has been said by the White House that India is a vibrant democracy and anyone visiting there can feel it themselves. Concerns over the state of democracy in India have been categorically dismissed by the White House.

Let us tell you that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is going to visit America at the end of this month. Earlier this statement of the White House has come to the fore. Talking to the media, John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator at the National Security Council, said that India is a vibrant democracy. Anyone who visits India can feel it. I certainly hope that the strength and status of democratic institutions will be part of the discussion.

We Never Hesitate: John Kirby

A question was asked to John Kirby, in response to which he said that look, we never hesitate. You can do this with friends. You should do this with friends. You never shy away from expressing concerns that may be arising anywhere in the world. However, this (state) visit will focus on deepening ties, strengthening partnership and taking friendship forward.

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When will PM Modi go to America

John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator at the National Security Council, further said that India is an important partner of America on many levels. Let us discuss here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be visiting America from 21 to 24 June. During this, he will also address the joint session of the Congress.


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