Diabetes: Sugar patients must do this easy work after eating food, diabetes will be easily controlled


Diabetes: The number of diabetes patients is increasing rapidly all over the world, India is even called the ‘capital of diabetes’ because many people are falling prey to this disease here. Along with genetic reasons, there are problems related to eating habits and lifestyle. In this medical condition, if the sufferers do not take care of themselves, then their blood sugar level will increase, but there can be a risk of many other diseases including kidney and heart disease, although by changing your daily routine, you can reduce this problem to a great extent. Are.

How can health deterioration in diabetes be avoided?

remove these things from diet

There are many such things to eat and drink which are not at all good for diabetes patients. You have to remove rice and potato from your daily diet because the calories present in it increase the blood glucose level and then many problems can arise for you.

start eating these foods

Diabetes patients should take a healthy diet, especially green vegetables are very beneficial for them, such as cauliflower, cabbage, beans etc. Apart from this, protein rich diet like chicken and fish is also necessary. Keep in mind that cook food in less oil, otherwise the cholesterol level will increase.

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Do this work after meals

Be it lunch or dinner, even if you eat healthy food, then it is necessary to walk for 5 to 10 minutes after that because it keeps the blood sugar level under control. It is also good for your overall health.

stay away from tension

Be it a diabetic patient or any normal person, everyone should stay away from stress, because it is the root of many diseases, try to be happy in life because it is often said that ‘worry is like a pyre’.


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