A grand program of Jain Dharmastu Mangalam was organized on June 3, 2023.


Under the auspices of All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal under the auspices of Sadhvishri Animashreeji, the program of Jain Dharmastu Mangalam was organized at Shah Auditorium by Delhi Terapanth Mahila Mandal under the chairmanship of National President Mrs. Neelamji Sethia.

The program was started with Namaskar Mahamantra by Sadhvishriji. Acharya Tulsi Education Project song was sung collectively by the sisters of Kanya Mandal and Temma.

Sadhvishri Animashriji, referring to Lord Mahavir’s speech, said that non-violence, restraint and austerity are excellent auspicious. Jainism is synonymous with non-violence, restraint and austerity, that’s why our Jainism is auspicious. You also said that our sanskars are getting tarnished, for this we need to understand Jainism. Called upon to stop the growing ostentatiousness, exhibitionism and tendency of intoxication in marriages and made the present brothers and sisters take a pledge not to take drugs.

Sadhvishree Sudha Prabhaji said in her statement that we should understand the philosophy, go and move towards vitaragta. All Sadhvishriji sang a group song composed on Jain Dharmastu Mangalam.

Abhatemam National President Smt. Neelam Ji Sethia while throwing light on Jain Dharmostu Mangalam A scientific approach of Jainism said that every person should acquire proficiency in any particular subject.

Abhatemam Chief Trustee Mrs. Pushpaji Bangani explained in detail the concept of Karma and the way of life.

Chief Guest Vidhansabha Speaker Mr. Ramniwas ji Goyal graced the program by attending the programme. You appreciated the works of the Mandal.

Dr. Veerbalaji Chhajed from Ujjain, the main speaker, threw light on the topic of how to recognize oneself in the mirror of Jain philosophy in a very beautiful way. Your introduction was given by Mrs. Saroj Sipani.

General Secretary Mrs. Madhuji Derasasia expressed her views regarding the scientificity of Jainism.

Delhi’s regional in-charge Mrs. Manjuji Bhutodia explained how and why to join and join Tatvgyan Terapanth Darshan course.

Ms. Priyanshi Hiran threw light on how today’s young generation should be connected with Jainism. His introduction was given by Ms. Ankita Heerawat.

Delhi in-charge Bimalaji Dugad (Trustee), Sairji Bangani, Neetuji Patwari, Sumanji Nahata, Archanaji Bhandari, Delhi in-charge Manjuji Bhutodaya, Sunitaji Jain, Kusumji Bangani, Shilpaji Baid, Sonika ji Bangani, counselors of Delhi Terapanth Mahila Mandal, mentors from Abhatemmam in the program. There was a dignified presence of Treasurer, Ex-President, Office bearers, Conveners, Delhi Sabha General Secretary Pramodji Ghodawat and office bearers from many organizations. A total of 400 sisters and brothers were present.

Sponsors of the program were: Smt.

The program was successful due to the untiring efforts of the program coordinator Mrs. Saroj Sipani (Vice President) and Mrs. Manju Banthia (Regional Coordinator East Delhi).

The efficient operation of the program was done by Smt. Sunitaji Jain and the vote of thanks was done by Minister Smt. Yasha Bothra. Food was arranged at the end of the program.

Minister Yasha BothraJain Shwetambar Terapanth Mahila Mandal, Delhi


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