‘Pappu’ and ‘guddi’ being sold in Agra, the shopkeeper named the matkas in honor of the artisans


Agra: You must have heard the names of Bollywood heroines and heroes that are sold in the summer season in Tajnagari Agra. But a matka seller of the district has named the matkas after the name of his artisans. He says that the people who have put their hard work in making these pots should also be named.

Pratap Singh, a seller of matkas in Namner area on Agra’s Idgah Kheria Road, says that this time it is very hot and due to the scorching heat, there is a lot of increase in the sale of matkas. Dozens of customers are buying pots daily and taking them away.

Pots were named after artisans – Pratap Singh

Pratap Singh told that he has pots made from Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan. Colorful matkas have come from Gujarat and golden matka from Jaipur and lining matka from Rajasthan are selling more at this time. Pratap told that he has named his matkas after the artisans who made them. The name of an artisan who makes the pots they have is Pappu and the name of the other is Guddi. He has named the pots of Rajasthan as Pappu and the colorful pots of Gujarat as Guddi.

Different price of matkas of each state

Pratap says that the pot is known by the name of the place from where it is made. But the one who has made the pot, at least the name of the artisan who made it should also be famous. And that’s why we have named the pots after the artisans and in fact this is the real fruit of their hard work. Pratap told that Gujarat’s Matka was made by an artisan named Guddi, hence it has been named Gujaratan Guddi Matka. Its cost is 300 to 400 rupees. The price of Pappu matka of Rajasthan is 150 to 200 rupees and the price of other matkas available with us is 120 to 140 rupees.

Report- Raghavendra, Agra

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDkUCyNHWDs)


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