Heat increased water business in Muzaffarpur, mercury crossed record 42 degrees, know when it will rain….


A state in Eastern India: The scorching heat in Muzaffarpur is creating a new record every day. The maximum temperature reached 42 degree Celsius on Thursday. According to the data of the Meteorological Department, record heat has been recorded on May 8 for nine years. Earlier on May 8, 2015, the maximum temperature was recorded at 42.7 degree Celsius. On Thursday, the maximum temperature was 5.4 degrees above normal. The Meteorological Department had already alerted on the increase in temperature. At present the condition is that people are boiling due to the scorching heat. Apart from home, market, office, people are restless everywhere. The body is burning as soon as you step out of the house. People in the market stop after walking a few steps in search of shade. After 11 am, the crowd starts reducing on the roads. People say that AC is also not working in 42 degree temperature. According to the Meteorological Department, scorching sun and heat will have to be faced for the next three days.

Temperature of last nine years on 8th May

year temperature

2023 – 42.0

2022 – 35.0

2021 – 33.1

2020 – 34.5

2019 – 36.2

2018 – 37.7

2016 – 35.0

2015 – 42.7

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Water business picks up in scorching heat, consumption increased from 1.2 to 2.5 lakh liters

The business of water has started increasing rapidly in the scorching heat. According to Prabhat investigation, in the last one month, there has been an increase of two and a half times in the business of water related to jars in the city. On normal days, 1 to 1.2 lakh liters of water is consumed in urban areas from homes to shops and offices. Due to the scorching heat, the figure of consumption has reached 2 to 2.5 lakh litres. According to the records of the municipal administration, there are 50 plants related to water business in the urban area. Till last April, on an average 100 to 110 jars were being supplied daily from each plant to homes, shops and offices. Presently the demand per plant jar has increased to more than 200. Apart from this, about 10 such plants are also running. Which is not registered with the Municipal Corporation. According to the information, the market rate is from Rs.20 to Rs.25 per jar.

Monsoon may reach Bihar on June 15

According to the Meteorological Department, the people of Bihar are likely to get relief from the scorching heat very soon. It is estimated that by June 15, the monsoon is going to knock in Bihar. With the arrival of monsoon, people are expected to get relief from the heat. Along with this, this can be a relief news for the farmers waiting for water for the crop.

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