Extreme weather: 233 people died due to adverse weather, 0.95 million hectares of crop damaged


Extreme weather: The indifference of the weather has taken the lives of many people this year. According to a report by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE), extreme weather events claimed 233 lives in the country in the first four months of this year. Not only this, 0.95 million hectare crop has also had to pay the price of bad weather. That is, so many people have lost their lives due to extremely adverse weather from January to April this year.

More indifference of weather was seen this year than last yearAccording to the Center for Science and Environment, due to adverse weather activities, this time a total of 32 states and union territories of the country came under the grip of bad weather several times. Whereas, in the year 2022, 27 states and union territories were affected. The worst affected states were Rajasthan and Maharashtra. The maximum number of days of adverse weather remained 30-30 in Rajasthan and Maharashtra. After this, 28 days were unfavorable in Himachal Pradesh, 27-27 days in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

Last year 86 people diedAccording to the report of the Center for Science and Environment, the country’s capital Delhi had 25 unfavorable days in the same period last year, while this year the number has come down to 12 days. According to the report, between January and April 2022, 86 people died and 30,000 hectares of crops were damaged due to adverse weather events.

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According to the report of the Center for Science and Environment, there were 58 days of lightning and storms this year compared to 35 days between January and April in 2022. According to the report, most of these incidents took place in March and April. According to the report, the country experienced only 15 days of heat wave in the first four months of 2023 as compared to 40 days last year. In India, 314 out of 365 days in 2022 were due to adverse weather events. In these incidents, 3026 people were killed and 19.6 lakh hectares of crop area was damaged.with language input


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