Brutal murder of young man by cutting private part in Kanpur, groom’s marriage was after three days


Kanpur: A young man was brutally murdered three days before his marriage in Ghatampur. The killers had cut off his private part. The body of the deceased was found lying in the field on the banks of the Noon river. The police, who reached the information of the incident, are engaged in the investigation. The police is probing the matter on points ranging from illegal relations to property disputes. The deceased was last seen with two of Tau’s boys. Police is looking for both.

The marriage of the deceased was on June 11

The marriage of 28-year-old Pravendra, a resident of Majra Itra of Mohanpur in Ghatampur, was fixed on June 11 at Gopalpur Adhena village in Malwan, Fatehpur. According to brother Om Prakash, Pravendra had sold the bamboos standing in the field and on Wednesday he went out with his uncle’s sons Piyushkant and Gaurav to collect the bamboo money from the bike. After that he did not return home again. The relatives had searched in the night but did not inform the police. His dead body was found lying in the field on the banks of the canal on Thursday morning.

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Knife found near private part

Please tell that on Thursday morning, the dead body of Pravendra was found in the field of Neelam Yadav on the banks of river Non in Targaon of Nandana Chowki area. When the police started the investigation, the private part of the young man was found cut off nearby. Knife, one quart empty bottle of liquor and two glasses were found next to it. Neither any identity card nor his mobile was found in the pocket of the young man wearing pant shirt. After a lot of efforts, when the dead body could not be identified, the police sent the dead body to the postmortem house after filling the panchayatnama.

parents have died

Pravendra’s mother Sangeeta passed away a few days after his birth and father Raju passed away twenty years ago. He was brought up by Bua Gyanwati, a resident of Jasra village. 15 years ago, Pravendra had returned to his uncle Deshraj’s house. And was living there. On the other hand, regarding the whole matter, Inspector Ashok Dubey says that the youth was missing since Wednesday evening. Bua says he came home at night. Had left again wearing a towel, but a pant shirt was found on the body. Relatives are misleading. The police is looking into connecting it from many points including Ashnai. The inspector said that the family members have not yet given a complaint in the matter. Inquiry is being done.

Report: Ayush Tiwari



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