Aurangabad News: Girlfriend reached the hospital with her boyfriend, know why there was a ruckus as soon as the child was born…


Aurangabad. lover (girlfriend) Our lovers ( boyfriendWith ) reached Sadar Hospital on Thursday. The girlfriend gave birth to a child in the hospital. As soon as this information was received, there was a ruckus in the hospital. The lover also fled leaving his girlfriend and child alone in the hospital. On getting the information about the case, the family members of the girl also reached the hospital. But they also refused to adopt the child. Because of this, there was chaos in the hospital for a long time. When the ruckus increased, the police also reached Sadar Hospital. But even after the intervention of the police, the family of the girl is not ready to adopt the child due to public shame.

what is the whole matter

A girl living in the urban area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAurangabad was in love with a boy working in a government institution for a long time. In this sequence, the girl became pregnant a few months ago. On the pretext of marriage, her lover talked about having a child. After nine months, both reached Sadar Hospital to give birth to the child. Both kept wandering here and there in the campus for hours. When they did not get information about this in the hospital premises, they both reached the inquiry counter. After this, the girl was taken to the delivery ward by the staff of the inquiry counter, where she had a safe delivery. But, when the nurses giving birth suspected both of them, the matter escalated.

The nurses immediately informed about this to the DS and the hospital manager of Sadar Hospital. After getting the information, both reached the delivery ward, after which the information was given to the city police station. As soon as the information was received, the police of the city police station also reached. After this, the legal process was started after investigating the whole matter. After the paper process, when the lover was asked to sign as the father on the OD slip of the police, the lover got into a huff and refused to sign and fled from there. After this, the elder sister of the girlfriend reached the hospital. The sister said that she does not want a child but wants the sister to be safe. Here, the girlfriend has been kept under complete supervision by the health workers.


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