Qatar presents its experience in spreading the digital infrastructure


The Communications Regulatory Authority, representing the State of Qatar, is participating in the activities of the Global Symposium for Regulators 2023 (GSR-23) organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in cooperation with the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt, under the title “Regulation for a Sustainable Digital Future” in the city of Sharm el-Sheikh during the period from the fifth to the eighth of June.
In its edition of this year, the global symposium includes high-level interactive panel discussions on the most important and latest issues related to public policy and regulation, new regulatory approaches to digital transformation, trustworthy and resilient digital infrastructure, online safety of children and youth, digital accessibility, and environmental friendliness. With digital transformation, in addition to taking advantage of metaverse opportunities, along with a CEO roundtable for regulators, a meeting of regional regulatory associations, a meeting of the Industry Advisory Group on Development Issues, and a special meeting of chief regulators from the private sector.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is keen to participate in the meetings held under the umbrella of the International Telecommunication Union, especially the Global Symposium for Telecommunications Regulators, which provides regulators and policy makers from all over the world with a valuable opportunity to discuss and exchange views and visions with their counterparts and stakeholders, in addition to discussing ways to Joint cooperation, and access to the best practices currently used in the field.
The authority participated in the consultation on the draft guidelines for best practices issued by the symposium for the year 2023, which center around “regulatory and economic incentives for a sustainable and inclusive digital future.”
Through its participation, the authority reviewed the experiences of the State of Qatar in the two areas. The first subject of consultation is to identify the regulatory and economic incentives to stimulate the deployment of sustainable digital infrastructure, especially in rural and isolated areas, and the second is to identify the appropriate incentives required to ensure the introduction of information and communication technologies and emerging business models.
During the symposium, the authority participated in an event for the Women’s Network (NoW) affiliated to the Telecommunication Development Sector of the Union (ITU-D), which included discussions between ministries and regulatory bodies on various topics related to the network and its activities.


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