Palestinians are cursed for their insistence on promoting a false narrative


Since time immemorial, the Jewish people thrice daily recite prayers connecting them to their ancestral homeland, the Holy Land, Israel. Prayers are supported by numerous songs and chants during festivals and holy days during worship and celebrations. There is no need to elaborate on the historical, biblical religious connections of the Jewish people to their ancestral homeland documented in books of worship, Talmudic scripture and the Old Testament.

There are no traditional prayers nor songs supporting similar connections with the geography to Palestinian Arabs.

No archaeological evidence has ever been discovered to validate their connection and moreover the teachings of Islam actually mock such linkages as we shall explore, understand and expose in the following paragraphs. Furthermore, despite pleading and requesting from those purporting to be Palestinian Arabs to educate me on the traditional prayers or songs that connect any indigenous peoples to their ancestral lands, there are none linking Palestinian Arabs to Palestine. And that is simply because they have no traditional connection.

If connecting prayers are missing then an indigenous people would certainly memorialize and recognize wars, battles or conflicts fought by them against foreign invaders or enemies and voicing praise upon their dead and past leaders for future generations. The geography of the Holy Land throughout history has been subject to numerous invasions – Babylonians, Persian, Greeks and Roman are just a few examples. Surely any such defense of ancestral lands would be honored within the realms of ‘Palestinian’ history and proclaimed or memorialized in prayer and song. Alas nothing is to be found and this exposes the myths of the Palestinian Arab narrative.

In Jewish history the conflicts fought against the Greeks and Romans as just two examples, are eternally remembered during various festivals and events such as the Bar Kochba revolt (132 – 135 AD) against the Romans which is celebrated on the annual Lag b’Omer holiday. The earlier Jewish Maccabean revolt (167 BCE) against the Seleucid Empire is celebrated by Hanukkah, the festival of lights. There are no such similar events that evidence an Arab Palestinian presence and certainly no historical evidence that connects those today identifying as ‘Palestinian’ to the defense of their ancestral lands they currently claim.

The Palestinian Arab claims to the geography are based as much on a false religious narrative and mythology. Islam itself actually mocks the claims of those currently identifying, incorrectly as it so happens, as ‘Palestinians’ and their cause, indeed their total raison d’etre.

The holy Quran in numerous Suras, bequeaths, bestows and promises the entire Holy Land, not to the Palestinian Arabs who are paradoxically never mentioned within the Quran, but to the Jewish people, the Children of Israel, the Chosen People, the Sons of Jacob, the Hebrews.

Listed below are just some examples of the Suras unequivocally bestowing, bequeathing, promising and commanding the Holy Land to the Jewish people.

Al Baqara 2.47/2.63/2.65/2.83/2/85 /2.87/ 2.121 /2.122; Al Imrran 3.187; Al Maida 5.12/5.20 /5.70; Al Aaraf 7.137 /8 /7.159; Yunus 10.93; Ibrahim 14.67; Al Israa 17.2; Ta Ha 20.80; Al Qasas 28.3; Al Sajdah 28.32; Al Mu’min 40.53; Al Dukhan 44.32; Al Jathiyah 45.16:

Translating literally from Arabic to English just take three examples to understand Islam’s commands to followers.

Al Baqara 2.47 “O Children of Israel call to mind the special favor which I, Allah bestowed upon you and that I preferred you above the whole world. “Al Maida 5.21” O my people enter the Holy Land which I , Allah has assigned unto you….”

Al Israa 17.104 “And We Allah said to the Children of Israel Dwell securely in the Holy Land of Promise”

Allah is thus unambiguous in his commands and prophetically has fulfilled his promise to exclusively reward the Children of Israel – the Jewish people with total rights and possession to the land. In chapter after chapter it is repeatedly asserted that Allah chose the Jewish people and only the Jewish people to be thus rewarded. All other claims of ownership are therefore defying the Quran and insulting Allah and Mohammed.

Some point to the fact that the Quran is ambiguous as in other Suras the Jews are defiled, defamed and subject to Islamic torment as befits them. There is no ambiguity nor inconsistency and this too needs explanation. As we have established beyond doubt, Allah bequeaths the geography to the Jewish people, collectively termed the Children of Israel, or the Sons of Jacob, sometimes also referred to as the Chosen People or Israelites. The collective term ‘Jews’ in the Quran does not refer to the Jewish people in their entirety but only to those of the Jewish religion who were the militants or rebels from Judea at the time of Christ. For some twelve hundred years thereafter, these communal terms were applied. Jesus was only known as King of the Jews and never referred to as King of the Children of Israel or King of the Sons of Jacob. Thus, I repeat that the collective term ‘Jews’ only originated with and identified the rebels from Judea. ‘Jews’ did not become the negative collective term until around the late 13th century and associated with the Spanish Inquisition.

This is an important point as many anti-Zionists point to the Quran’s inconsistencies describing Jews when in fact there are no inconsistencies given the previous contemporary terminology and its definition during its use. Indeed, many modern Qurans have been purposely usurped from the original Quranic texts to conform with current anti-Zionist propaganda.

Those responsible are experiencing the wrath of Allah.

Again, one must never lose sight of the fact that neither the ‘Palestinians’ nor their claims to the geography are mentioned in the Quran and neither ironically is Jerusalem. Using religious Islamic religious text to support unfounded geographical claims is surely mocking the whole concept of Islam.

There is belief among Islamic scholars that the world of Islam is suffering unprecedented turmoil between Islamic sects, mainly Shia and Sunni but also Yazidi and other minorities as a direct consequence of the religious insults perpetrated by Palestinian Arabs. Being punished for blasphemy to Allah is manifesting itself in a variety of ways. We witness this daily in those Islamic countries supporting the totalitarian Palestinian Authority and Hamas, such as Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Qatar, Tunisia, Iran and Iraq.

Each and every day in these nations Muslims are committing atrocities on Muslims. Those countries are mocking Allah and are being cursed and punished.

Now compare those nations to their brother Muslim nations which have normalized relations with the Jewish State such as Egypt and Jordan for years having political and commercial ties with Israel. Both experiencing political and religious stability. Recently other Muslim nations such as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Chad, Morocco and Azerbaijan have via the Abraham Accords have normalized relations with Israel and commerce is on an unstoppable upward trajectory with these countries. Those countries too are experiencing stability and are being rewarded for obeying the word of Allah. It is clear that distancing themselves from the blasphemous Palestinian Arabs is being recognized and met favorably.

The religious leader of the Muslim world, Saudi Arabia have also recognized this and are undoubtedly following a similar religious trajectory. Saudi has started the process by deleting all anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli references within its educational system and indeed is already working militarily with Israel, allowing Israeli aircraft to use its airspace. This is a first. However, the most astonishing event exposing Saudi contempt for their Arab Palestinian ‘ brothers ‘ who in Saudi eyes have been insulting Allah was the recent Twitter campaign emanating from Saudi sponsored Government academics and Imams.

This campaign actually diluted Islamic claims to Jerusalem whilst emphasizing Jewish rights, claims and ties to Temple Mount. This from the heart of Islam naturally was ignored by mainstream media despite the fact that this was undoubtedly the most important religious, Islamic proclamation since the creation of the State of Israel. The Arab Palestinian claims and narrative were utterly debunked and exposed Saudi’s pragmatism, understanding and true Islamic belief as cited within the Quran. The Arab Palestinians were left dumbfounded and still do not know how to respond.

Many Islamic scholars are recognizing that the Palestinian claims are not only inconsistent with Islamic teachings but actually mock and insult Islam.

Imam Tawhidi notes:

“We built a Mosque on top of their Solomon’s temple yet they are the invaders. Explain how that makes any sense”.

Sheikh Ahmad Adwan says:

“From where did you bring the name Palestine you liars when Allah has already named it The Holy Land and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel. There is no such thing as Palestine in the Quran”.

Historical Islamic teachers were already aware.

Ibn Taymiyyah , 1263 – 1328 , one of Islam’s foremost scholars –

“In Jerusalem there is not a place one calls sacred and the same holds true for the tombs of Hebron”.

The Islamic biographer and scholar Yakut al Harnawi 1179 – 1229:

“Mecca is only holy to Muslims and Jerusalem is only holy to the Jewish people”.

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi , Khalifah for Europe and Secretary General for the Italian  Muslim Assembly:

“The Quran recognizes the Land of Israel as the heritage of the Jewish people and it explains that, before the Last Judgement, the Jewish people will return to dwell there. This prophecy has already been fulfilled”.

I could go on and quote similar renowned Islamic scholars through history but you the readers understand the points made here.

The Palestinian Arabs are indeed mocking the Quran, and insulting Allah and Prophet of Islam as are their supporters and they are being punished for their insistence on promoting a false narrative in defiance of Islam. They will be forever cursed for their disgraceful insults in the vain hope of controlling territory that Allah has bequeathed to the Jewish people and has fulfilled his promises.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are solely of the author and may not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of this newspaper.


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