Monsoon 2023: With the arrival of monsoon in Kerala, there is a ban on sea fishing, livelihood crisis on fishermen


South West in Kerala monsoon With the knocking of rains and strong winds in the Arabian Sea, the ban on fishing will come into effect from June 9. Due to this ban, the fishermen of Kerala have no option but to stay ashore and search for the potential treasure that comes ashore through sea waves.

Fishermen already banned due to cyclone ‘Biparjoy’

Fishing ban in Kerala coast and Cyclone ‘Biparjoy’ already affecting livelihood of fishermen, they are now looking for other income options and depend on ocean tides Are. Unaware of the raging sea waves, a large number of fishermen were scouring the shore for coins, gold and other valuables off the Shangumugam beach in Thiruvananthapuram. Many fishermen have already received gold in the form of chains, pendants and earrings.

Treasure comes from sea waves, means of earning for fishermen

A local fisherman named Cyril said, when the rains begin during the monsoon, the sea becomes turbulent, bringing up the hidden treasure through its waves. So we get money. There is no other way to earn anything during this time.

Before the monsoon, the government gave a gift to the farmers, increase in the MSP of tur and urad dal, know the price

Corona epidemic also affected the livelihood of fishermen

Showing a Rs 10 coin that he picked up from the sand while fighting the waves hitting the shore, the fisherman said that a few years ago, we used to get gold and other valuables from the sea shores. But, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, now most of the coins are available. Another fisherman named Antony Xavier said, I got 67 rupees yesterday. Today I have just reached. A man has just found a gold pendant, and he is gone.


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