Monsoon 2023: Due to delay of monsoon in Bihar, crisis on agriculture, vegetables and milk may become expensive, know when it will rain


Monsoon 2023: Ardra Nakshatra suitable for paddy sowing will start on 22nd June. But, there is still delay in arrival of monsoon in the state. His knock in Bihar is possible by the third week of June. Due to the delay in monsoon, heat wave (extremely hot wind) is becoming more intense in Bihar. The slaps of hot flame have imprisoned people in their homes. These conditions of severe heat have not only affected the common life, but have also created a crisis for agriculture. This can increase the prices of vegetables and milk.

Temperature above 40 degree for nine days

In June, the highest temperature in most places of the state has been running above 40 degrees for nine consecutive days. According to Dr. A. Sattar, meteorologist of Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University (Pusa), such a long time period of heatwave/lu has not been seen in the past. This phase is likely to continue till the onset of monsoon.

Vegetables and milk can be expensive

Pusa’s senior meteorologist Dr. A. Sattar said that due to heat wave conditions, the demand for irrigation is increasing to save the vegetable crop sown in summer. This can increase the prices of vegetables, because the economic cost of managing water for irrigation will increase. Due to fodder crisis for animals, the shortage of milk may increase. The most important thing is that paddy seed is not being successful. There has been an unprecedented increase in ground water exploitation for agriculture. Due to this the ground water level is expected to go down further. In such a situation, the farmer should plant a scythe if there is a means of irrigation. If there is no arrangement for irrigation, then wait now for transplanting.

Monsoon will knock late

According to the information, it has been decided that the monsoon will be delayed in Bihar this year. If we look at the figures of the last three years, the monsoon had arrived in Bihar by June 13 in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. In such a situation, the monsoon may be delayed for more than a week.

Monsoon 2023: The Meteorological Department has given great news, know how far the monsoon has reached and when will it rain in Bihar…

Severe heat wave at 21 places in Bihar

On Wednesday, there was a tremendous heat wave at 21 places in Bihar. Because of this, severe heat wave conditions have been created at 10 places in Purnia, Motihari, Khagaria, Sheikhpura, Supaul, Sabour, Farbisganj, Katihar, Patna, Valmikinagar. The highest temperature at these places was recorded above normal by 6.1 to 8.8 degree Celsius. Severe heatwave has also prevailed in Banka, Bhagalpur, Nawada, Jamui, Vaishali, Nalanda, Pusa, Jiradei, Saharsa, Bhojpur, Aurangabad. Araria, Gaya and Darbhanga have recorded the highest temperature above 40 degree Celsius.

Mercury crossed 43 at eight places in the state

The highest temperature in Bihar was recorded at Sheikhpura at 43.7 degrees. The mercury was recorded at 43.5 in Purnia and Valmikinagar, 43.4 in Patna, 43.2 in Nawada and Khagaria, 43.3 in Bhagalpur, 43.1 degree Celsius in Vaishali.

The highest temperature of 42 or more and less than 43 was recorded in Motihari, Sabour, Forbes Ganj, Jamui, Jiradei.

The mercury remained below 40 degrees in the state mainly only in Kishanganj and Muzaffarpur.



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