Mastermind used to confirm tickets in the name of Union Minister and MP, used the letter head of these leaders


Muzaffarpur: RPF arrested Satyajit Prakash, the master mind of getting railway tickets confirmed on fake letterpads of Union Minister, MP and MLA. Under the leadership of Inspector Manoj Kumar Yadav, in-charge of RPF post, he was caught from Shramjeevi Nagar Mohalla of Sadar police station area. A case was registered against him in Muzaffarpur and Visakhapatnam in the past. On enquiry, it was found that he used to get the ticket confirmed from his home. For the last several months, he has confirmed more than one thousand railway tickets on fake letterheads of ministers and MPs. He has also earned a lot of wealth from this. The RPF is probing the involvement of his wife in his game. During the raid, his wife changed her name and told the RPF team, so that the husband could not be identified. But RPF did not fall for his bluff and arrested Satyajit.

Satyajit used to work in a channel

In preliminary interrogation, Satyajeet told RPF that he had worked for a channel in Delhi for a long time. During this, he was introduced to many MPs and ministers. Taking advantage of this, he took his letterpad and started getting the ticket confirmed. This started earning good income. After this he turned down the job of the channel. His wife also started supporting him in this. He started sending PNRs on letterpads to railway zones and divisions by fax.

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Excessive use of letterpad of MP Chirag Paswan

During interrogation, he told the RPF that he had used the letterpad of Jamui MP Chirag Paswan the most. More tickets were confirmed on his pad. Apart from this, the letterpads of more than a dozen Union Ministers and MPs of South and North India have been used. The Railway Headquarters did not take special notice of the letterpads of the people’s representatives of Muzaffarpur. For this reason, he did not use the letterpad of the local public representative.

Letterpad was scanned and sent by fax

Satyajit used to get MPs to sign a blank letterpad and keep it. After which he used to copy it from the color scanner. He never used to send hard copy to Railway Headquarters. He used to send a letterpad to confirm the ticket through fax, so that the scanned copy would not be caught.

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Visakhapatnam RPF exposed Satyajit’s secret

Visakhapatnam RPF of Andhra Pradesh exposed Satyajit’s game. In April 2023, Sadar police station and Muzaffarpur RPF team raided his house. In the search here letterpads of many MPs were found. After this, Muzaffarpur RPF started action by registering an FIR against Satyajit Prakash and others.

Property will be investigated

If RPF sources are to be believed, Satyajit Prakash has acquired many immovable properties. Apart from Shramjeevi Nagar, Satyajit Prakash is also constructing a house on Gobarsahi-Dumri Road. RPF will send a letter to its headquarters to get Satyajit’s property investigated. It is told that the property can be investigated by an institution like ED.



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