Bihar: The groom was murdered on the next day of marriage, who got him killed a week later, know the whole thing


Went. 24-year-old engineer Ashok Yadav, son of Sukhdev Yadav, resident of Lakdahi village of Gurua police station area, was killed on late night of May 31 and 35-year-old son of Ramdev Yadav, resident of Yogita village of Nagwan panchayat of Gurua police station area, on Tuesday morning of June 6. The death of Upendra Yadav has been revealed by the Gaya police. On Wednesday, the SIT formed under the monitoring of SSP Ashish Bharti arrested Revati Kumari, the new bride of Ashok Yadav, the main mastermind of the said murder case. This information was given by the SSP in the press conference held at the police office on Wednesday evening.

This murder mystery is the product of the love story of brother-in-law

The SSP said that the said incident is the product of the love story of brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Ashok Yadav, a resident of Lakdahi village, was married on May 29 to Revati Kumari, a resident of Akoni-Navgarh village in Aurangabad district. Her cousin brother-in-law Upendra Yadav, a resident of Yogita village, played an important role in getting Revati married. But, before this marriage there was a love affair between brother-in-law Upendra Yadav and sister-in-law Revati. Even before this marriage took place, Revati along with her brother-in-law Upendra Yadav had conspired to kill Ashok Yadav, but she could not succeed.

murder with sharp weapon

The SSP told that Ashok Yadav was at his house on the second day of marriage i.e. on the night of 31 May. Then brother-in-law i.e. Upendra and Revati conspired and sent Ashok Yadav out of the house at around 07:30 pm on 31 May. During this, Ashok’s wife Revati kept telling her brother-in-law Upendra Yadav his location and Upendra Yadav attacked and killed Ashok Yadav with a sharp weapon on the banks of North Koyal Canal between Tamrua and Gulni villages.

Police intensified investigation after Ashok Yadav’s body was found

The SSP told that on the morning of June 1, the body of Ashok Yadav was recovered. An FIR was registered on June 1 under sections 302, 201 and 120B in Gurua police station regarding this murder. A special team was formed under the leadership of City SP Himanshu regarding the disclosure of this murder case. In this, Sherghati DSP cum ASP, Sherghati Circle Inspector, Sherghati, Gurua and Amas Police Station President and Technical Cell were included. During the investigation, the SIT found that there was a close relationship between Ashok Yadav’s wife Revati Kumari and Upendra Yadav. While investigating at this point, on the morning of June 6, the dead body of Ashok Yadav was found on the side of GT road of Lambua village under Aamas police station area.

In the matter, a UD case was registered at the Amas police station and a post-mortem was conducted after constituting a medical board. Here, SIT started scientific research in the murder case of Ashok Yadav, then it was found that Upendra Yadav and his sister-in-law Revati Kumari have an illicit relationship and both are constantly talking on mobile phones. Then Revati Kumari was taken into custody and interrogated, then she accepted the point of getting her husband Ashok Yadav killed by Upendra Yadav.

Bride’s vermilion erased after 48 hours of marriage in Gaya, groom killed with sharp weapon

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The SSP told that Revati Kumari got her husband killed because of having an illegal relationship with her brother-in-law Upendra Yadav. For forensic examination of other evidence including the mobile phone seized from Revathi is being sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory in Patna. So that the accused arrested in this murder case can be punished. The SSP told that the post-mortem report is awaited to reveal the cause of Upendra Yadav’s death.



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