World Brain Tumor Day 2023: Brain tumor is no longer incurable, know its symptoms, types and prevention


World Brain Tumor Day: According to ‘The International Agency for Research on Cancer’, affiliated with the World Health Organization, there can be hundreds of reasons for the problem of headache in the present era, but if the headache continues to torment every day and it increases with increasing dates, then this condition can be caused by brain tumor. There may be early warning. There are thousands of people in the country who are suffering from brain tumor, but they do not know that this crisis on their health can end with proper tests and then treatment in time.

This is how brain tumor grows

Just as cancer develops due to abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in other parts of the body, in the same way, the lump formed due to uncontrolled and abnormal growth in brain cells (called neurons) is called brain tumor. Brain tumor is a form of brain cancer. A study done in the context of cancer at Yale University in America has shown that all types of brain cancer are tumors, but not all brain tumors are cancer. There are more than 125 types of cancerous brain tumors, which can occur in any part of the brain.

two types of brain tumor

Tumors located in the brain that are non-cancerous are called benign brain tumors and tumors in which lumps form due to uncontrolled growth of cells are called malignant or ‘cancerous’ brain tumors. In a brain tumor, brain tissue grows abnormally fast, resulting in increased pressure in the interior of the brain. As a result, problems like headache etc. start.

Primary and Metastatic Tumors

The brain tumors that originate in the brain are called primary brain tumors. On the other hand, the tumors which reach the brain through other parts of the body like kidney, liver and lungs etc. are called secondary or metastatic brain tumour.

What are the causes of brain tumor

According to the German Brain Tumor Association, no definite and specific cause of brain tumor has been known yet. According to experts, most tumors arise due to errors in the sequencing of a person’s genetic programming or errors related to genes. Despite this, there are some conditions that can result in an increased risk of its occurrence, such as-

Unhealthy environment with radiation: There is no radiation of any chemical or other toxic gases in the environment in which you live. If there is radiation, then the risk of brain tumor may increase over time.

Do not ignore the symptoms

Persistent pain in the head, but later severe headache.

Memory loss, confusion, vomiting, hearing problems.

Difficulty speaking and understanding words or understanding language.

Having trouble reading or writing.

Decreasing vision or blurred vision.

Seeing double (double) form of every object.

Loss of physical balance or dizziness.

Weakness and sensation in the face, hands or feet.

Weakness of taste and smell.

Seizures Tumors suppress brain cells (neurons), causing seizures.

Feeling weakness in any part of the body, right or left.

These tests reveal

CT Scan (Brain): With the help of this, the condition of the merge is assessed by looking at the photos of the internal parts of the brain.

MRI: Under this, information related to the structure of the brain is taken with the help of radio signals. Apart from this, keeping in view the condition of the patient and his condition, X-ray etc. tests are done.

Functional MRI: This is modern and specialized MRI, whose usefulness is more important than the above MRI (brain). Brain tumor surgery has now become much better with functional MRI (brain) testing. The reason for this is that this specific MRI can accurately assess the activities of the internal part of the brain and the damage caused to a certain part of the brain by the tumor.

Genetic Mapping: Through this modern procedure, information is obtained about which chemotherapy will work in the tumor present in the brain of a particular person.

Is it possible to prevent brain tumor

At present, it is not possible to prevent brain tumor with any vaccine or medicine. In this context, health experts and some people talk about a healthy lifestyle. It is true that physical and mental health can be improved by healthy lifestyle- such as regular exercise and proper, nutritious, balanced diet and positive thinking towards life. You can remain healthy to a great extent by staying away from smoking, alcohol or other drug addictions, but all these things are not applicable in the context of prevention from primary brain tumors. Yes, secondary brain tumors can be prevented indirectly by following a healthy lifestyle. For example, smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. Now if a person is away from the addiction of smoking, then the risk of lung cancer decreases.

what are the treatments

Surgery: On the basis of tests, neurosurgeons make sure that what is the size and condition of the brain tumor. Only after this the decision is taken for the surgery of the tumor. Neurosurgeons make holes in the skull. This operation to remove the tumor is called craniotomy.

Endoscopic surgical procedure: This procedure is also used to remove brain tumour.

Radiation Therapy: Almost all radiation therapies released in vogue these days are targeted. Targeted here means that such radiation therapy does not cause any harm to other healthy tissues and cells around the cancer cells or tumors. Radiation therapy is used to remove cancerous tumors.

Gamma Knife: Advance radiotherapy procedure is – Gamma Knife. This modern procedure of radiation destroys the tumor. If the shape of the brain tumor is circular, then in that case gamma knife radiation therapy proves to be better.

Cyber ​​Knife Radiation Therapy: If the shape of the tumor is oblong or oval, then Cyber ​​Knife proves to be better in such cases.

Proton beam therapy: This is the most modern medical method in the treatment of cancer. After the Apollo Proton Cancer Center located in Chennai, proton beam therapy has also been started in Tata Memorial Center, Mumbai. Proton beam radiation therapy uses beams of protons to remove brain tumors, while most radiation therapy uses X-rays.

Chemotherapy: Under this, drugs are used to eliminate the tumor. These days surgery is done after chemotherapy in some cases of brain tumour.

Operation from behind the ear: Lucknow based famous medical institute SGPGI has developed a new technique of brain tumor surgery. Through this technique, there is no need to open the head for the operation of the tumor. Instead it is possible to do surgery from the skull area behind the ear.

Know the misconceptions related to brain tumor

Myth: Many people believe that the use of cell phones or mobile phones causes brain tumors over time.

Fact: According to a study conducted at UK-based University College, London, the research and studies that have been done so far around the world do not prove that mobile phones cause brain tumour. Despite this, the other side of the picture is that being under the influence of radiation for a long time can have adverse effects on the body. In such a situation, living in a clean environment and atmosphere without radiation is healthy for human health.

Myth: All brain tumors are cancer.

Fact: It has been proved that only one third of brain tumors turn into cancer. Most benign brain tumors (which are not cancerous) are curable.

Myth: Young people do not get brain tumour.

Fact: Brain tumor can affect people of all age groups. Whether they are youth, adults or elders. Even in newborns or small children, there are cases of brain tumors.

Myth: The cases of brain tumors also increase with age.

Fact: There is nothing like that. The risk of developing a malignant brain tumor in a person’s lifetime is less than 1 percent.

parts of the brain and tumors

There are four parts of the brain. Frontal means which is the front part of the brain. The function of this part of the brain is related to thinking. Temporal means the left side of the brain. The work of this part is to see, hear and understand the language. Parietal means which is the part of the right side of the brain. Its function is related to the sensation of touch or pain. Whereas, the occipital ie the back part of the brain. Its function is related to the recognition of objects. When a lump is formed in any one of the above four parts of the brain, it is called a tumour. The part of the brain in which there is a tumor, the parts of the body that are controlled and operated by that part are affected. For example, if there is a tumor in the frontal part, then its ability to think and think will be adversely affected.


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