tamil nadu news villupuram dharmaraja draupadi amman temple sealed after denial of entry to dalits sbh


Tamil Nadu: The issue of entry of Scheduled Caste members in a temple in Viluppuram district has become very hot for some time. Considering the seriousness of the matter, Viluppuram District Revenue Commissioner Ravichandran has ordered the sealing of the Dharmaraja Draupadi Amman temple in Melapathi village over the issue of dominant caste members and Dalits entering the temple. Giving the order, a notice has also been pasted at the gate of the temple. An official notice pasted on the gate of the temple reads – Due to the problem of excessive worship between two classes in the village, an extraordinary situation has prevailed. This creates the possibility of law and order issues. Considering this, till a conclusion is obtained, both the sections are not allowed inside the temple. Let’s know what is this matter after all.


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