Air India passengers stranded in Russia, 20 people forced to stay in a room, language and food problems


stranded in russia Air India The passengers are facing huge problems. Along with the linguistic problem, the passengers are also facing the problem of living and eating. Passengers shared their problems with the media. In which it was told that 20 passengers are being forced to stay in one room. It is known that Tata Group-owned Air India flight AI173 flew from Delhi to San Francisco on Tuesday and was landed in Magadan after engine trouble.

Travelers are having trouble with language and living in Russia

In a conversation with NDTV, passengers of Air India stranded in Russia said, they are facing the most language problem. Passengers were sent to different places after emergency landing in Russia. Where they are facing the problem of living, eating and toilet. A passenger told, the food here is very different. There is more seafood and non-veg here. Some people are passing the time by eating bread and soup. Many passengers are running out of medicines. Although the passengers told that they had to face a lot of trouble on the first day, but later the Russian authorities helped a lot.

Air India aircraft leaves for Russia to help passengers

To airlift 216 passengers stranded in Russia due to technical snag in the flight to their destination San Francisco in the US Air India An aircraft of Mumbai left for Magadan (Russia) at 3.20 pm on Wednesday afternoon. The airline said that the plane will fly to San Francisco on June 8 with passengers and crew members stranded in Magadan.

Why did Air India flight land in Russia in emergency? America is keeping a close watch on the matter

Food and other essential items were also sent along with the aircraft.

Air India said in a statement, “One of our flights has already departed from Mumbai to Magadan and is expected to reach Russia on June 8 at 6.30 am local time.” A team of the airline is also on board, which will provide necessary assistance to the passengers and staff present in Magadan. Food and other essential items have also been sent by the aircraft for the passengers and crew members stranded in Russia.


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