Air India flight leaves to evacuate 216 passengers stranded in Russia, logistics sent along


From Mumbai at 1 pm on Wednesday to take the passengers stranded in Russia to their destination San Francisco in America. Air India A new plane was sent to Magadan. This information has been tweeted by the airline. It is known that after a technical fault, the Air India plane was safely landed at Magadan Airport in Russia. There were 216 passengers and 16 crew members on board the aircraft.

Air India’s new aircraft will reach Magadan airport on Thursday

The airline said in its tweet that Air India’s new flight AI195 departed from Mumbai airport in the afternoon, which is expected to reach at 6.30 am (local time) on Thursday.

Air India’s new aircraft took off with food and other essential items

Air India Has sent a new aircraft to evacuate 216 passengers and 16 crew members stranded at Magadan Airport in Russia. It also has food and other essential items for the passengers.

Why did Air India flight land in Russia in emergency? America is keeping a close watch on the matter

UPDATE: FERRY FLIGHT TO MAGADAN AIRBORNE ferryOur flight AI195 from Mumbai (BOM) to Magadan, Russia (GDX) is now airborne, and is expected to arrive at GDX at 0630 Hours (local time) on 08 June 2023. An Air India team is on board the flight to provide any support that the…

— Air India (@airindia) June 7, 2023

Air India San Francisco flight lands in Russia after engine trouble

Significantly, the Air India flight going from Delhi to San Francisco, USA, was diverted to Russia’s Magadan on Tuesday after an engine failure. Where he was safely dropped at the airport. Later, Air India said in a statement, flight number AEI-173 had departed from Delhi to San Francisco on June 6 when a technical snag was reported in one of the aircraft’s engines. The plane had 216 passengers and 16 crew members on board and landed safely at Magadan airport in Russia. The company told that the aircraft is being investigated and all kinds of assistance were provided to the passengers at the airport.


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