Qatar Rail is holding a tree planting event in cooperation with the municipality


Within the framework of the celebration of the World Environment Day, which falls on the fifth of June of each year, the Qatar Railways Company (Rail), in cooperation with the Ministry of Municipality, held an event to plant a group of trees, as part of its initiative (plant a tree), which it launched in 2021. The company hereby plants a tree for every million trips taken by passengers on the Doha Metro until the year 2030.
During the event, which was held in the air-conditioned Al Gharrafa Garden, a number of officials from Qatar Rail and the Parks Department at the Ministry of Municipality participated in planting 91 trees representing 91 million passenger trips made on the Doha Metro since June 2021.
During the celebration of World Environment Day 2021, Qatar Rail planted 28 trees, representing 28 million passenger trips on the metro since its launch in May 2019.
Mr. Ajlan Eid Al-Enezi, Head of Strategy and Business Development Sector at Qatar Rail, said: “Year after year, our celebration of World Environment Day is renewed, and with it our commitment to supporting and implementing sustainable initiatives that raise awareness of environmental issues. Until the year 2030, we are committed to implementing the “Plant a Tree” initiative, which reflects our keenness and commitment to preserving and improving our environment, as well as being part of our vision aimed at providing sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and encouraging members of society to use them.
He added, “We are pleased to cooperate with the Ministry of Municipality to organize this event, and to plant 91 trees in the air-conditioned Al Gharrafa Garden.”


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