Palamu: Scam worth crores in Pradhan Mantri Urban Housing Scheme! Two show causes, many officers and personnel can come under wraps


Palamu, Saikat Chatterjee. A big scam has come to the fore in Pradhan Mantri Urban Housing Scheme running in Medininagar Municipal Corporation of Palamu. As it is being estimated, the amount of the scam is expected to be in crores. All the departmental officials and workers from top to bottom have started racing as soon as they get a clue of this. At present, departmental explanation has been sought from the two accused whose names have come to the fore.

Know how the housing-housing game happened

The scam involved in the works of Pradhan Mantri Urban Housing Scheme, which is being feared, can be involved in it from officers to workers. These people have changed the names of the beneficiaries from the beneficiary list, due to which the money of the scheme is being diverted to other’s account. It is being said that this has been done very cleverly, but suddenly such cases came to the fore during the scrutiny of the beneficiary list.

Preparation of action against the culprits

After the matter came in the public eye, the Municipal Commissioner of Medininagar Municipal Corporation has written a letter to the Municipal Department for action against the accused. Apart from this, preparations are on to sack the guilty officers and personnel who executed the scam. A lot of caution is being exercised for this. Investigation has also been started at the departmental level. There is a discussion in the entire corporation about who will come under the wraps of this scam. There is a stir in all. At present, Municipal Commissioner cum DCC Ravi Anand has written a letter to the Urban Development Department for action against CLTC Kalyan Kumar and Ankesh Akhori, who are handling the work of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana in this matter. An explanation has been sought from them. All the housing schemes of the Municipal Corporation area will now go through the investigation process, action will be taken against the beneficiaries and workers after irregularities are found in the investigation.

How’s the recovery?

While the corporation is preparing to take action against its officers and personnel involved in this matter. At the same time, recovery is being planned from those who have taken benefits in wrong way. A list of all the beneficiaries involved in this mess is being prepared. After that they will be handed over the letter of recovery. If they do not deposit the money within the stipulated time, action is also possible against them.

How did the scam come to light

Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the investigation of the beneficiaries who applied in 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22 and currently was started in Medininagar Municipal Corporation area. Large-scale irregularities were caught in this investigation. It was found that the names of the beneficiaries have been tampered with. This scam has been carried out by changing the names of about 400 beneficiaries in the scheme of 2019-20 and 2020-21. It may be known that under the Pradhan Mantri Urban Housing Scheme, Rs 2.30 lakh is given to a beneficiary.

Know how the accommodation setting happened

To take advantage of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, the data of the applicants is uploaded online. After preparing the DPR by uploading the data, it is sent to the Central Government. After the housing plan is approved, once again this data reaches back to the Municipal Corporation. After getting the data, the Municipal Corporation uploads the list of selected beneficiaries. Then they are paid the first installment. Now in this process the personnel of Medininagar Municipal Corporation have changed the names of the beneficiaries while uploading the list again. The names of the beneficiaries whose names were not approved by the Center have been selected and uploaded and the amount of the housing scheme has been paid to them.

there is also an aspect

According to the private sources received from the corporation, one thing is also coming to the fore that in reality, the number of files that are being talked about are not that much. If sources are to be believed, the list of total 178 beneficiaries was received from the state government, whose names were not matching. It is being said that this mistake happened due to typing from English to Hindi and at some places the name of the husband was added in place of the wife in the beneficiary list. Except 54 of these, the rest of the files were matched. Out of 54, 30 files were also included in the list after being satisfied by the former Municipal Commissioner S Sameera. Now what is the truth, it can be said only after the investigation of the entire scheme.

what do the accused say

So far, the two personnel whose direct names have come to the fore in this scam are CLTC Kalyan Kumar and Ankesh Akhori. Prabhat Khabar contacted both of them to know their side. Ankesh Akhori could not be contacted, while Kalyan Kumar said that he has received a letter of clarification from the Municipal Commissioner in this regard. That’s why they will not say anything in the media, whatever their stand, the department will be informed about it.


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