Glance changing internet experience with Smart Lock Screen, will enjoy gaming without phone unlock or download


Glance Smart Lock Screen Nowadays, gaming has become the favorite mobile phone activity of people especially the new generation. But do you know that you can play more than one great game without unlocking your smartphone? The impossible has been made possible by Glance, a Bengaluru-based Indian unicorn startup and the world’s first smart lock screen (glance) has.

Before proceeding further, it is very important to know about Glance. Glance, the developer of Glance Smart Lock Screen, is a US$1 billion worth firm and is backed by global IT giant investors like Google, Jio Platforms and Mithril Capital. The Bangalore unit of the company has developed this state-of-the-art platform and it is said to be the only platform of its kind in the world. This platform with more than 23 crore users has emerged as one of the largest platforms in the world in just four years.

glance lock screen Apart from this, the company also owns several other leading content platforms. It has a live entertainment platform named Roposo. While the second major entity is Nostra, which is said to be the largest gaming platform in India and South East Asia.

Nostra brings gaming fun to the Glance lock screen and over 75 million users use Nostra every day to discover and play hundreds of games. Nostra has over 500 game titles for users to choose from, including chess, sudoku, ping pong, carrom and word games. Apart from this, it also has great live game streaming. According to the information given on the company’s website, there are about 50 live broadcasts daily on Nostra, which has a monthly viewership of 2.50 crores. It is well known to all gamers that game streaming has become very popular these days and all major streaming tournaments like Valorant, Free Fire Max and Pokemon are streamed on Glance lock screen. It should come as no surprise that users spend an average of 15 minutes a day playing games on Glance.

Apart from the unique feature that you don’t need to unlock the smartphone to play the game, gaming on the lock screen also saves you a lot of time, mobile storage space and data. It is equipped with an AI-powered discovery engine, which means the system automatically suggests new options based on interest and interactions and sends them to the user’s lock screen. In such a situation, users do not have to constantly search for anything or scroll unnecessarily to find out. Moreover, with the option to play all the games directly from the lock screen, users never have to download any app to play them.

Apart from gaming, Glance provides its users with content in 11 languages ​​from around the world, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali and Kannada, right on the lock screen. For example, take Live Entertainment, where users can interact with their favorite stars and creators or shop live without any lag and also get access to trending content from most of the biggest publishers in the country. The content available on Glance is constantly latest and exciting thanks to Roposo, which engages over 500 live streamers. This enables the company to constantly update itself with the best of the best live content by top-notch creators across categories including music, fashion, health, cooking and much more.

It simply means that with Glance, you can enjoy the fullness of the internet on your lock screen without having to search, scroll, download or even unlock it!

However, the most important thing to note here is that Glance is not a mobile app. Actually, this is an inbuilt feature of a phone and it has been added to the operating system of the phone itself. Hence, users will need to have a Glance enabled smartphone to use this platform which is making the world crazy. Most of the major domestic Android smartphone brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme etc. have added it in many of their models.

The secret of Glance’s rapid growth is the dissemination of information from one user to another. Anil Kumar (name changed), a senior executive of a well-known company said, “My company has mobile jammers installed and we get cut off from the world after reaching office. No phone calls, no messages, no social media and no gaming. If there is a phone call from someone’s house, then it will come to the reception and the employee can go there and talk. However, the company allows everyone to keep their mobile with them. There was a lot of trouble for the first few months after joining in December 2022, then one day in lunch, after listening to my tension, a colleague asked me for my mobile and said – Why are you taking tension… Glance is the lock screen, isn’t it? Have fun I didn’t understand him and asked him what that meant. He said brother when there is Glance lock screen then why worry and in that he told me the features of Glance lock screen. From that day onwards, glance is my best friend in lunch or free time.


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