Four killed, including deputy governor of Badakhshan province, in car bomb attack in Afghanistan


Kabul, 06 June (Hindustan). After the Taliban came to power, the terrorist violence in Afghanistan is not taking the name of stopping. On Tuesday, a car bomb attack killed four people, including the deputy governor of Badakhshan province. More than half a dozen people have been reported injured.

According to media reports, even after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, there has been no decrease in terrorist activities. On the one hand, people are facing the brunt of the Taliban regime, on the other hand, the ever-increasing terrorist activities are becoming a problem. On Tuesday, terrorists targeted Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Afghanistan’s northern state of Badakhshan, who was going along with his two security personnel. He was attacked with a car bomb at 08:15 in the morning in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan state. The car was rammed into his vehicle and as soon as the collision occurred, the car bomb exploded. The testicles of the car flew away. Ahmadi and his two security personnel died on the spot. The driver of his car also died in the blast.

In this way four people including Ahmadi died. More than half a dozen people have been injured in the incident. He has been taken to the hospital. The condition of six of them is critical. It is believed that the death toll may increase now. After the Taliban assumed power in Afghanistan in August 2021, terrorist incidents have been happening continuously, but for the first time in Faizabad, there has been a car bomb attack. Badakhshan state information director Muizuddin Ahmadi confirmed the death of deputy governor Nisar Ahmad Ahmadi in the attack.


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