World Environment Day: Bhagalpur’s youth group became the healer of the wounds of trees, freeing them from termites to nails


Deepak Rao, Bhagalpur

Nitesh Choubey, son of late Nirmal Kumar Choubey, resident of Manik Sarkar Ghat Road, and his companions are emerging as healers for the wounds of trees planted in public places of the city these days. In the trees planted in Sandys Compound-Jayaprakash Garden, the Forest Department at the government level is responsible for protecting the trees at the government level, when the trees started weakening and dying due to continuous government neglect, Nitesh Choubey formed a group of youths and lime and Started to protect it from termites by applying other necessary medicines. So far 243 trees have been protected from termites.

Nitesh has left the job of multinational company in Noida after doing BTech

After doing BTech, Nitesh Choubey also got a job in a multinational company in Noida with a good package, but he was not satisfied here. Meanwhile, the idea of ​​promoting social works was formed. By forming a group of youths, forming V-Care organization, sometimes distributing blankets, sometimes organizing blood donation camps, and sometimes promoting other social works.

Nature conservation campaign started in February 2021

Nitesh Choubey started a campaign of nature conservation in February 2021 for environmental protection. First, at Sandys Compound, Jayaprakash Udyan, then at public places in various localities, planted saplings with gavions. The trees in which the nail was stuck, removed it and protected the tree by giving suitable medicine at that place.

trying to save trees

In the rainy season, plants like Jamun, Amla, Gulmohar etc. are planted in various localities, parks, school premises and grounds. Not only this, he also inspired school children and other new generation youth for plantation. Campaigned for the conservation of trees. The plants planted at vacant places were secured by giving them gavions. Now more than 50 young men and women have joined their group, who are selflessly doing social work.


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