Tourism recovery is on the agenda at the aviation industry summit


Willie Walsh, Director General of the International Air Transport Association – IATA – announced that the leaders of the global aviation industry are meeting in Istanbul today, Monday, to attend the 79th Annual General Assembly of the International Air Transport Association (AGM) in addition to the World Air Transport Summit.
Walsh added that the global event attracts senior aviation and tourism industry leaders from more than 300 IATA member airlines, as well as senior government officials, strategic partners, equipment suppliers and the media.
He stressed that the issue of recovery of the travel and tourism sector will be at the top of the meetings, with planning for the future during the next stage, discussing opportunities and challenges facing the aviation sector, planning to move towards a more sustainable future, discussing opportunities for technology in order to facilitate travel operations, and identifying the common organizational challenges it faces. .
Walsh stressed that aviation is very important at the current stage to connect the world, even with the deepening of geopolitical divisions, which represents vital importance to the world, and requires profitable, safe, efficient and sustainable airlines, as the results of the General Assembly meeting pour in this direction towards more effective global communication.
Among the most prominent events hosted by the General Assembly is the fourth edition of the Diversity and Inclusion Awards sponsored by Qatar Airways. These awards honor institutions and individuals who make a difference in helping and advancing the “25 by 2025” initiative to make the aviation industry more gender-balanced.
On the other hand, the World Air Transport Summit is scheduled to be held immediately after the Ordinary General Assembly meeting. The opening session moderated by Richard CEOs will include Quest’s CNN’s Greg Foran (CEO, Air New Zealand), Yvonne Manzi McCullough (CEO, Rwanda), John W. Dietrich (President and CEO, Atlas Airlines Global), and Campbell Wilson (Chief Executive Officer). and Managing Director of Air India).
The summit discusses the updated economic forecasts for the aviation and transportation industry in the world, and the main topics that will be covered include: A “big picture” overview of the challenges facing the industry with changing energy markets and transforming supply chains. aviation’s contribution to earthquake recovery in Turkey, progress in sustainability, as well as lessons learned from the operational challenges of 2022.
This will be the second time that the General Assembly meeting will be hosted in Istanbul, which it last hosted in 2008. Turkey is rebounding strongly from the pandemic lockdown. In 2022, travel to/from Turkey will increase by almost 60% and it is now the seventh largest international passenger market in the world.
“Since the last time we were in Istanbul, Turkey has become an incredible global aviation power. Its airlines are leading the way in regional and international connectivity, and the impressive new airport puts some other countries’ lack of investment in airports to shame. There is no doubt that Turkey’s importance to global aviation will continue to grow significantly.


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